What if i say we have a Slow-mo Feature, if activated, it slows everything down a bit, like 10% or 25% to give the player a chance to react, but this will make easier so i say this feature would be Very Rare and expensive to get, like a 1000 keys or so,
I may say i will see some people Disagree with me, and i know that cause it makes it too easier
but it won’t slow down that much, like i said 10% slower, (i forgot what category this should be, its like once you used it, its gone like a missile).

UPDATE: as you said where it should be, i’d say it’ll be in Special Weapons, but im saying this
so the cost of this would be
100 Keys X 1 cause it would make it too easy


It seems almost as good as activating a Dimensional Phase-out though. It’s just a matter of whether you can press it before you die in that sense.

By the way, it’s a perishable.

Um,no,perishables last for the entire mission before disappearing. He was talking about the superweapon category,probably

Sorry I must do it

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Ah, right. At least I was close.

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Speed gear probably

i’ll go check the game and say what i REALLY meant

also if you agree this give a like if you wish

so what’s your point? do you agree my idea or no?

It technically already exists in CIU, but as a debug feature.
That being said… meh, I guess it might work.


so you would agree?

I don’t think it ſhould be any more expenſive than dimenſional phaſeouts, but it ſhould only be perchaſeäble at a few places in the galaxy, ſo that you phyſically have to go the right place to get it. Otherwiſe, it’s too much like a phaſeout to be worth adding.

I like it as super weapon. On my opinion, it should slow time a bit more, but time it works should be short. In this case you need to be accurate to use it fully.

that’s why im saying it rare, but note it WILL also slow down the ship slightly but not much as the enemies nor their projectiles