Slob Chicken and Keys disappearing at the end of a mission bugs!

1-When the fat chicken(Slob Chicken) produces its projectile circle, I’ve noticed that the circle appears a little up to the left when it’s supposed to be in the middle position of the chicken.

2-I don’t like the food/keys/power-ups disappearing after defeating the final boss of a mission, because sometimes you could lose keys, for example: when flying a Boss Rush missions or a Supernova missions while using a BX Spacecraft without using Maneuvering Jets, I sometimes miss a key or 2, because the Spacecraft is slow.

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The second thing happens because those keys/food/power-ups would not count in the mission results


Isn’t there a way to fix it?

It would have to be changed as right now progress only gets saved when the career medals are awarded


I hope it gets delayed a little time in the next update.

Does the Slob do that when it’s moving?

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It does this when you attack it.

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I mean does the slob do that when you attack it when it’s moving?

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No, not when it’s moving.

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Maybe if you damage it, is move a little bit

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But I think the circle could be a little in the middle.

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Yes,the item despwn timer should depend on
1.The size of the field
2.The amount of items
3.The ship speed(BX ships should have a larger timer if maneuvering jets are not equipped.


Acknowledged. Projectiles are spawned at the point where the Slob was damaged. This is an engine limitation.

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Really? Because I noticed that it is always at the top left of the chicken.

Really? That’s fascinating - I would have thought that something like this would work in most circumstances (pseudocode, ew):

if <= 0:
     for i in slobAttackRing:
          i.x,y = this.x,y 
          rotate i by value degrees
          value = value + rotateAmount

Obviously I don’t know the engine, so there is obviously some reason that this seemingly simple solution isn’t possible here - I am not pretending that this would actually work. But it’s just weird to me that the projectile location is more accessible than the location of the actual spawning entity - especially since most projectiles aren’t even triggered by damage and therefore would have no point of damage to reference.

tl;dr: Kylo Hen: Programmer Edition going all nerd over game bugs. :joy:


Welcome to my world (of pain :wink: ).

CI is based on a client-server architecture (that’s how multiplayer games are possible). The server makes all gameplay decisions, the client is just a dumb rendering terminal. In order for the client to know what to draw, the server sends the appropriate information over the network. But here’s the catch: sending ALL information ALL the time would be prohibitively expensive in terms of network bandwidth. So the server only sends the essentials, and the client runs an approximate simulation to work out the rest.

Position is one of those things that the client needs to simulate – it may be close, but it doesn’t always match the server’s value. When it comes time to spawn new projectiles, however, it had better match, because otherwise you’d see projectiles in a different place than where they really are (and quite possibly be killed by an “invisible” projectile)

Since the Slob generates projectiles as a result of being hit, it can only use whatever information the server sends to it at the time of impact. Impact location is sent (this is new to CIU, previous games didn’t even send that), but enemy location isn’t.

Theoretically, this could be fixed by having the server also send the enemy’s location, but that would have to be done for every impact (not just the Slob), increasing the bandwidth usage permanently for something with such a small/rare pay-off.


Yeesh.But I was looking through the logs the other day,and they said stuff like “generating mission 2836382” or something like that,and thought it was like a mission seed,or something,like you put the number and the game generates the rest.But then they’re numeric ids for each mission.
(For anyone who thinks that this is quite obvious,I just came on that conclusion now)

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