Skill Level rebalance v2

Hey guys,

there has been a small discussion in this thread: About skills in Galactic Store

The problem is that currently, the gaps between individual skill levels is too small and doesnt open big big enough of a challenge for very skilled players.

This is a table I made:

It introduces two new skill levels and spaces out existing ones more. Playing a difficulty 0 mission on Universal Grandmaster gives me a harder mission than playing a difficulty 8 mission on Rookie. SO with Universal Grandmaster on a hard mission you can get up to 17 orange squares instead of 12, i think? Those missions will be extreme but they will award about 3x as much points as a current mission on SSH does.

@InterAction_studios I’d really like to see this in-game so everyone can push to the absolute limits!


Is Insanity a new difficulty or is a fan made?

It’s fan made, like Universal Grandmaster

I still want to be a sane guy though.

You’ll need to be sane to do your professional chicken hunting jobs properly.

I think that one difficulty above SSH… is not enough! Good ol’ V10.1 days xD

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I think the difficulty booſt needs to increaſe more, maybe 1,5 ſquares of difference in places where your chart ſays 1.