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Me: Windows 10 64bit

win7 32bit

I hate it when my PC says “Activate Windows”.


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OS: Windows 10 64bit
GPU: GTX 1050 2GB Overclocked
CPU: i5-7400
Storage: 240 GB Kingston SSD + 1TB Toshiba HDD
Monitor: Barely working garbage


There is really good tricks for activating. I can send you some if you want.

Can you send a private message?

I would love to know them!

Lol. Well, in our place (Philippines), we can get a genuine copy of Windows 10 at 5 dollars on lowest (250 pesos).

Also, I admire some of you getting a modern PC. I do rent PC most of the time… in case of my gameplay recordings.

main “new” PC:
Radeon RX570 8GB
Intel i5-3470
W7 64-bit

Radeon hd3430
Intel Pentium Dual Core
W7 64-bit

This is my PC, took me a good while to build it. It packs ryzen and a 1060, more than that it would melt inside here.

I had to do a lot of iron work to cool this thing (by the way, the whole structure was remade by me, with the exception of the rear panel and the MoBo mounting plate). As side note, the rear fan is now a proper 120mm instead of that 70.

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All I can say that my pc is one of the best (at least in my neighborhood) 10 years ago…

Thank you, you’re a legend. However, I won’t recommend posting the video publicly (if anyone asks, use the private message because it may not be legal).

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RX560 + AMD FX6350, 8Gb ram, motherboard from 2015 I don’t remember

Is a Galaxy book considered a gaming pc? (Answer: No)

I know, one time I did it and pay for that. However, its really cool metod and its better than buying some stupid license.

Mine’s probably the worst

here’s my pc

(don’t mind the mess here, please)

RoG Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6
Intel Core I7-9700K 3,73GHz
HyperX Predator 16GB RAM DDR4 3200MHz
M.2 Crucial MX500 500GB disk
Samsung 860 QVO 1TB
be quiet! Dark Rock 4 cpu cooler
windows 10 home 64-bit

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What do you even know about the mess…

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