Share your CI myth/facts

just wanted to have fun


those things on the back isnt circular


Pro tip that you haven’t know: You can win by not dying


myth: vulcan’s hitbox is so big that if you use a bx6 to spray it when a chick approaches you from below it’ll die to the vulcan projectile


Huh. I thought you said you did that not too long ago, why is it a myth?

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because i wasn’t sure about that, and that thing i said wasn’t here so i thought why not posting it again?

myth: you are NOT inside your spacecraft at ALL!
you are at home with your wife who tells stories to your kids every night, and that is the “Narrator” that we are all talking about
this also explains why you can survive those violent crashes from the chickens

I’m not talking about posting it, I just thought it was a fact and not a myth

Myth: Humans are the reason chickens invaded earth in the first place, because they are eating their ancestors on earth


it was mentioned in some wiki page i forgor but anyways

Nvm ignore what I’m saying, idk why I’m getting serious about this topic in the first place

reminds me of the meme from Star_Light @Darth_Skembesion
“when you realize the chicken that people were eating are different
but you already started a war” or something like that

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five wars actually

A theory: CI5 hero will marry mad madam after the war ends. (in space burger) lol
They will have lunch and fun.

I made it


i forgor :skull:

The shady dealer is quite shady. One has to wonder how has it got hold of it’s merchandise, and why do they sell it at below-market average prices…

Myth: We are hens. Here’s and we fight against chickens the proof
Chicken invaders
Henne & Cock (H&C spacecrafts)
The Upcoming Raven spacecraft

Yeah bro like damn. Poor chickens

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