Season Chicken Pass

Hey guys I thought a lot about this idea.
With the introduction of Chicken pass everybody will be a member without paying!!!
Now you say that how can @InterAction_studios achieve money with my idea ? Continue reading.
The game will have seasons. Each season will take 90 days to end.
Each season there are 100 levels of chicken pass. You will level up by gaining chicken stars in your normal missions. Each 10 chicken stars increases one chicken pass levels. Every chicken pass levels you reach will give you a thing ( a spaceship, spaceship colour, extra keys, menu theme, weapon, satellite, etc. )
And here money involves…
For each season’s chicken pass you should pay something like 10$ . You’re only eligible to play until that season ends and maybe you don’t reach chicken pass level 100.
Note : you will receive the items forever.
It will be nice to have 20 levels of free pass too that everybody can level up and get prizes from it.
The cost for the chicken pass will be 1000 chicken coins ( 1000 chicken coins cost 10$ )
In each season’s chicken pass you can obtain 1400 chicken coins ( in level 4 you receive 100 chicken coins, in level 11 another 100 coins and continuously… )
So if you are a player that plays a lot ( play 75 to 150 hours within 90 days ) you can buy the next season pass without paying money and even buy a 2 star or 3 star item in the shop.
That doesn’t mean keys are removed, chickens are rarely obtained but keys can be found a lot.
Note : You can obtain 300 or 400 chicken coins in the free pass too and if you play 3 seasons you can buy season 4 chicken pass with the chicken coins obtained in previous free passes.
Tell me your comments :slight_smile:

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Sounds cool! Is there will be a new spaceship model???

Why would you have to pay to get some timed exclusive items (which are an awful idea, by the way)?


Interaction Studios has already explained the plan for making money. Judging by the pricing of this as well as paſt games, I get the impreſſion that they put making a good game above ſcrewing people over.


It is not timed exclusive. You have the items forever

Also if you don’t like it there is no need to buy it.

It is a new technique for achieving money. The popular games like PUBG and Fortnite are now using this method ( and they are seeing high income from it )

Might I juſt put it out there that if you find yourſelf anxiouſly typing a bunch of replies in quick ſucceſſion tryïng to defend your idea then maybe the idea waſn’t very good to begin with?

I am answering not defending

That doeſn’t mean that it’s ſuperiör. The “beſt” pricing depends on your priörities.

I don’t want to judge right now. When phones invented nobody interested in it. I know someday my idea will help Interaction Studios from falling down.

While we’re on the topic of telling IA how to better run his buſineſs that we know very little about, I’d like to ſuggeſt that he outſource all his coding to India, churn a new video game out every month (even if quality muſt decreaſe), and ſtop keeping up with this forum himſelf (it’ll ſave him time- although maybe he could juſt have his Indian employees come up with ideas too for no extra pay).

Yes dude @ChikcenInvadersFan72

I’m pretty ſure there will be anyway, but I may be wrong, in which caſe pleaſe correct me.

Pls show me a photo of it

By timed exclusive I meant that after some time, the items would no longer be obtainable by regular players. That is bad.

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Just because most F2P games have content locked behind paywalls doesn’t mean that all of them should.


Season passes are already bad, and if they infested my beloved game… no… also, perhaps add lootboxes, I mean, they earn lots of money right??? : |


You could also add a completely overpowered ship/weapon that is only sold once a year for a very short period of time in a bundle with a gazillion of keys so that you can sell it for over $100 while still saying the ship/weapon is included as a free bonus.
[asthmatic cough]
Also every shot should cost keys as well.

If you read the topic correctly, There will be a Free pass for F2P members too but it has 10 or 20 tiers instead of 100. Also 70 percent of this items do not affect your health or strength.