Screen flaſhing white

I’ve reported this for two individuäl waves, but it ſeems to be a univerſal problem: at random intervals, the entire ſcreen goes white very briefly then returns to normal. I play in full ſcreen without any overlays (win10 game bar ſtill cauſes ſlight flicker).

No clue :cry:

Did this start happening only recently? Or was it there from the start?

Only from the lateſt verſion. I haven’t ſeen it happening in the galaxy view, only during miſſions. The flaſh length changes from time to time.

I went through all code comparing v05 to v06, but I couldn’t find any graphics-related changes. Does anyone else get this problem with v06?

The long-term plan/solution is to upgrade the game to use DirectX 11. DirectX 9 has already exhibited multiple incompatibilities (including the “Esc doesn’t pause game” bug). It will take a solid week’s worth of work, however, so I can’t spare the time to do this in the immediate future.

This has been happening in almost all CI games. There are rendering artifacts for about 1-2 frames every few seconds, but only sometimes.

Are all CI games on DX9? Not that it’s bad for Chicken Invaders, but have you considered… Vulkan API? It certainly has it’s advantages.