Scientist Chicken

This chicken is a mad scientist, though it’s on the fence whether he was involved in the construction of the Yolk Star. He has a white Afro, red glasses, and wears a white lab coat. Oh, and he’s a boss, so he’s a big guy.

His fighting style involves using potions. He can also fire eggs at you though. The potion attack happens occasionally.

Red Potion - This causes your ship to grow bigger, making it easier for him to blow up your ship. Not good.

Green Potion - This potion gives him a shield that can absorb some damage temporarily.

Blue Potion - This potion causes him to fire eggs faster.


Do you think iA might add your idea? You don’t have any picture demos of it

The concept for a scientist chicken is already suggested, although having different attacks


I’m not sure about making a picture…

I see. My version is a boss though.

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