Satellites customization

I’m going to introduce you the satellites customization

Look at this white Barbequer thing: bb (my skills are garbage)

just look how cool it would be with green toxic flame lmao

You can customize your satellites in this section (in the ship customization because every collected satellites with match this one single color)image

What do you think?
  • Why.
  • I’m neutral about it.
  • This should be added!
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New satellite, when?

i mean its cool

I actually like this idea. I considered doing satellites for my reskin library, briefly, but decided against it because it would only over-complicate the suggestion and there’s no point making even more skins before we even see if they get added in the long run.

That being said - I’m totally in support of some form of satellite customization, though I don’t think it’s necessarily a critical feature before we leave EA.

Actually that’s another good point, we haven’t seen any new satellites since their introduction in CI4.


Color microgun’s bullets either red or blue will make the tf2 crit effect. I’m in.


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alright so i am back here once again to basically add more details

customizing in the customize menu (very ineffective because you would have to number slots, but i did stuff anyways)

we can customize the satellites of a slot (like below)
or it says the slot instead if you don’t have any equipped

with this, we would need to number slots

customize in the fleet section (less worse)

if you dont want numbered slots, a button to customize when you select the satellite (or an empty slot)

or customize the slot only if you dont have any satellite mounted on it

the customization menu (instructions on image)

this idea was never thought throughoutly, please give feedbacks

  • very cool
  • i hate it
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this can cause some unexpected behavior

  • when customize, only save changes for only the selected preview (reduce paint cost because painful)
  • save for all (yellow bird flu lol)
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Very Good Idea The Game Should Update Add To The Game

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For sure that thing is not applicable to satellites that are collected through the mission


no, its applicable, thats why you can select empty slots
its just that it drops without the customization


i’m very sure this idea will add to game

It’s really great idea Mr trueuser :+1::ok_hand:

i hope IA will add this customization for satellites

That’s a good idea
Hope it’ll be added to the game

Customize for 1 satellite or all kind of them?

its in the polls, pick the one you prefer

Add asap pls

I hope will not same like free fire

oh god no
Paint satellites then the paint buff satellites damage