Rollback after server down?

Hi there,
Yesterday, after the server crashed, I stopped playing. I went back in today, it seems to have been rolled back for about 1.5 - 2 hours (I don’t remember exactly). Is this normal? (I mean rollback when server crashes). I felt lost and frustrated because I had to re-do the very difficult stages.
This is the first time I see the server down. Hope my question doesn’t bother you. Thanks a lot

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Apologies for your lost progress. The server had to be rolled back about 12 hours yesterday (see CIU version 135 - #92 by InterAction_studios ). All progress (except purchases) was reverted to this point in time.

Rollbacks are definitely not a normal occurrence, but in this instance there was no other alternative.


Ah I see. Thanks for your reply. Have a nice day!

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IA should show show effort to compensate to any active pilots if not the whole server with something valuable :))

everyone gets a bug medal maybe

or a medal for being there during a time the server burned to bits and a rollback was needed

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It won’t be as good as it sounds
Adding it wouldn’t be a very smart idea
The medals are meant to represent your achievements

other reason is that it is going to tell everybody about the bugs that in the game a thing that every developer doesn’t want it for there game

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I think it would be best that IA rewards everyone with keys as compensation. Maybe 10k keys per player?

It is going to be a disaster receiving this much

Lowering it to 5k would be ok
But i see no point in rewarding the players that didn’t experience it

imo, 1k-2k keys only for the best equal

Also next time, it’s better to use game system announcement to tell players if there is a critical problem to the game

10k is a bit much don’t you think? 1k-2k is more than enough to say the least

You will be compensated for your lost progress. See CIU version 135 - #115 by InterAction_studios


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