"Ring" environment effect

Only apply to planet with ring obviously. Similar to frozen wasteland with “frozen” environment effect which causes your screen covered with ice if you stand still for too long. “Ring” environment effect causes asteroid to fly over the screen and can damage you, on all waves, all mission that occur on planet with ring. Or we can make them harmless asteroids that don’t hurt you for visual effect like from old version of CI2 where there will be harmless red asteroid flying over the screen starting from Venus, so what do you guys think

  • Asteroids that can hurt you for more challenging
  • Harmless asteroids for visual effect like old version of CI2
  • I don’t think this idea is good

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Why are you using a poll that allows you to choose multiple choices? Also, this is just the ring of the planet, not an asteroid belt (which they planned to add later).

Well, there’s a lot of variants of waves in CIU than CI2, if the asteroids can harm player it will be hell.

Also i think it’s better that we can see the planet in the background

1st time open a poll so of course I would bump into some problems. Also, what make up the ring of a planet? Ice and asteroids of course, that’s why there should be asteroid flying(in the background or over the screen is your choice, that’s why I made the poll)

What do you mean by that? I didn’t mention any wave of CI2, only a feature of an old version of CI2 where there are asteroids flying in the background that don’t harm you starting from Venus

Uh, yeah it’s just a background effect.

But if you make it harmful to player, in some wave for example Chicken Roulette it seems impossible to dodge.

And I don’t think that ring asteroid would fly away from its orbit. Maybe we can see the it’s orbiting rather than like a storm

You know that you can vote for “make them harmless for visual effect” option right? Also, the asteroids flying in the background from CI2 fly in their orbit, not like a storm though

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I think they should also be changed slightly to better indicate they they are, in fact, in the background and can’t hit the player (maybe make them smaller, maybe slightly blurred etc.).

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They shouldn’t damage you, or else waves like Pulsating Grid would be impossible. I’m also against adding them as a background effect, unless they’re going to be different from other asteroids to prevent confusion.


Asteroids or anything else added as a background cosmetic object should be darkened and blurred to avoid interfering with the action. The problem is (a) the engine doesn’t do blurring and (b) even if it did, anything even further behind (i.e., the starfield) would also need to be blurred, otherwise it just looks wrong.


Why not just make them darker?


Agreed with EA, just make them way darker than usual ones.
image image

looks like foil lol


Eh, still distracting. At most I would like very small comet like smudges. Like how you always picture a shooting star, but grey.

i think they should just be very small and be floating in the background

Or thin streaks like meteors in the distance

The problem is that the background is too bright so even darker meteors would be distracting, if the bakground was darker then it eould work, I’d make the meteors a bit darker and add a bit of blue to blend them with our background.

I was thinking about random white lines appearing in the background.

So we actually have darkened asteroid recently, wonder if my idea could get approved

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