Ridiculous Fuel Logic

Interstaller Highway has more distance to go from one starsystem to another. However, Offroad has less distance to go. But the logic is that having less distance to go means burning way more fuel. No words needed.

Off-road costs 3.75 times more fuel so that interstellar highway is still worth using after you unlock off-road
and i guess a direct route instead of passing through the highway is more demanding for the ship’s engines


Fun fact: traveling inside the star system does affect off-road fuel cost.


There should be some sort of visual indicator that makes the Highways look faster, like making the starfield there distort, or have anomaly zone type particles running through the Highways.



Something like that could work, tysm for illustrating my point.

Additional fun fact: I’m pretty sure the fuel cost is affected by the exact spaceship position, not the system you’re in. So flying to the furthermost planet in the direction you want to go before engaging Interstellar Travel can actually reduce the fuel cost of travel very slightly.

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