Resource Pack for CIU, Graphic Setting and more

Here are some my idea

  • Resource Pack
    – Create some things that we can easily change our “Weapon color or some thing like this” because we can’t easily modding with the “Mod Installer” (Mod installer and public mods) with higher version of the game.
    (Some youtuber can also have more varity content like “I Made A Horror Version Of Chicken Invaders Universe” :D)
  • Better Graphic Setting
    Better Pro-gamer mode
    – Some “enemies thing” like dropped ufo are never hidden
    – Remove/Reduce spark light from ICBM
    – Remove/Reduce some stuff that cause [impeding visibility] (from Special Weapon)
    – Remove Explosion, shake
    – Detail: Ultra Low - Low - High - Ultra High
    – Player can reduce graphic of specific object (Chicken, boss, particles…)
  • Better Multiplayer
    – Player can play together with LAN network (better ping)
    – [Strict NAT] player can play multiplayer via WAN
  • Better Squadron
    – Player can communicate with member of their squadon through text
    – The proprietor of Squadron can command someone a vice proprietor
  • Better Contact
    – Player can communicate with their contacter through text
  • We can’t “Ctrl+V” or “Ctrl+C” when we play in Windows version, plz fix this
  • Some small change in graphic
    – Make a varity type of chicken’s appearance like [bad] chicken, [chicken with a cigarette in hand or mouth] (we like something like this very much, its feel like [emotion])
  • Better Compare
    – Player can make a [introduction] of themself
    – [Add A profile picture]
    – *Online [x] day ago
  • Turn off/on notifications
  • UHF Shop That Sell Varity sale things in middle of map
  • Bring back unlimited special weapon spam when we have Better Pro-gamer Mode
  • Press F to skip cutscene
  • Reduce time of Hend Game Death Animation in Pro-gamer Mode (beause it too long)
  • More Events
    Thanks For Reading

there’s a lot of issues with this QoL ideas list to say, but i just take one for example

Don’t you know u can press Esc to skip cutscene?


Already suggested, but no response from iA.


Here’s a few more:

You can already toggle notifications in the galaxy hamburger menu.

If you feel that Pro-gamer mode doesn’t reduce explosions enough, you can try setting your Graphics details to Low.

There’s no chance of this happening. Special weapon firing is limited mainly to improve the multiplayer experience.

Secondly, it is not recommended that you waste your equipment that quickly. For example, you don’t want to die while your Damage Amplifier is active or else the duration will reset to zero and therefore goes to waste.

This is against the Terms of Service. Specifically, it’s inappropriate for the game’s age rating. Please be mindful of what you suggest.

Most of these ideas need more explanation in detail. On a positive note, I do like these ideas though:


but it’s cool


Welp, whatever you say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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