Replay Feature

The replay feature lets players view their recent plays/playthrough, and even save/export or share them.

The option to save a replay is on the end-mission screen and you can view it later on the player profile (where your favorites are also located).

This could be helpful for players who want to record their playthrough weird flexes but having problems with their screen recording application, example: input lag.

you could look at the replay feature of Touhou and osu! for reference


I’d like to add to that.
The replays in Worms Armageddon display some extra information that can’t be seen in normal gameplay (such as Mine timers and the contents of all crates).
So perhaps a toggleable overlay with some extra information (such as hitboxes) could be added to the replays as well?


This is not a bad idea, but you should be able to turn it off and on when you want, because replays for things like weekly challanges… whooo boy.

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What this thing will do if you disconnect during the mission? Reset of video?

Probably stop saving and continue on a new file after the player reconnects.

Also, I don’t think we’re talking about video files here (well, not me, anyway). We’re talking about a replay file system. Basically the game saves all the necessary information (player inputs/position/movement, enemy type and placement etc.) in a file that can then be opened using the game’s .exe which allows the game to essentially recreate the entire playthrough.

The nice thing about this is that these files are way smaller in size than video files. And thanks to that, they can be easily shared around without having to upload a video to YouTube or other platforms.

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Just use recording software

Just read the post

Worms Armageddon is perfect example of this. However I forgot to make copy of them when I was formatting my laptop.
Probably many games use that way of making replays, but I want to mention Brawlhalla.

thats a good idea cause if i have an epic gameplay with so much almost death but survived and epic stuff and i didnt record i will have this as a replay

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