Repeated levels!

Hey guys I think you are bothered by the repeated levels too containing repeated bosses.
@InterAction_studios please create a poll for the maximum download size of the game so you could make some new levels.
I think the poll should have these : 1_50MB 2_100MB 3_200MB 4_500MB 5_1GB
I create my self poll here please vote what maximum size you can take?

  • 50MB
  • 100MB
  • 200MB
  • 500MB
  • 1000MB

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What do you expect? A whole new game? The new content will have to wait…


No but some bosses and levels are repeated 50 times by each planet

For me Twice Infinity and Special needs also before week the Iron chef was so repeated. But there’s only bosses from CI4 and CI5 and they are not even all.

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Yes there are not all of them. Only special forces, It’s party time and the henterprice and that big chicken.
And also the chef

I think the bosses from the planet missions from CI5 doesnt exist here. Also a question: did anyone see the alien mother hen-ship in CIU?

No mother hen-ship is not in CIU that is why I created this poll

Not even the CI3 ones

They dont added CI3 and CI2 content still.

Mother-hen ship is in ciu. I think you meant alien mother-ship,which isn’t.
Either way,it’s not just about the download size,you know. There’s also the time it takes for IA to add completely new stuff.

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I asked them they said the problem is download size. I can wait for the time but they didn’t say anything related to time.

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welp, 1Gb, wonder how they could port the game to mobile now

Well there are 2 or 3gb games for mobile too. So 1gb couldn’t be a huge. Also data for phone is fewer than pc version

There might be 2g games on mobile,but that doesn’t mean that it is a good thing.

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Not a good thing, but better than “repeated levels”

Yeah. Because some people not being able to play the game at all because of those 2 gigabytes is better than having more people play the game at the cost of having more repeated waves. Very funny.

I don’t agree. People can’t play android games by their android version. IA can make it compatible for lover android versions too. For example need for speed most wanted mobile is a big game but compatible with android 4 version ( that is really old )

Also I don’t see IA reacting at this topic and I don’t know why

And what does that have to do with the amount of gigabytes the game takes…?
Look,some people need space for more important stuff,too. Those 2 gigabytes could mean a lot to them.

Well that is at maximum 1gb so, and the other stuff well someone loving this game, buying this game!