Rendring problem

i didn t play the game for a month so i updated the game and every time i open it doesn t render just black screen and the game shut down so what s the problem cuz this is my specs

Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 @ 2.13GHz Conroe 65nm Technology
4.00GB DDR2
Dell Inc. 0HP962 (Microprocessor)
SMB2030N (1600x900@60Hz)
1024MB NVIDIA GeForce G210 (Undefined)


The game is not supporting windows 8 anymore

Uses DirectX 11.1 to take advantage of flip-model swapchains (available in Windows 10 only) for improved performance.
Early Access version 58.2

But I am playing with windows 8.1 now

Well,it’s good that you can play with Win8.1.But I suggest you to update your Win to 10,you know why?Because Microsoft says Win10 is our best Windows!

DirectX11 is only support for win10 but doesn’t mean it isn’t support every old version of window (except XP)

Win10 is laggy as hell on low end computers. It’s in no way best, it’s just the latest Windows edition.

So what’s your favorite Windows huh?

8.1. It’s user friendly and is great performance wise.

Mine is Win10

Right now 10 is actually faster than 8.1, I compared. The big issue is that when 10 had just come out it was terrible because of constant crashes after big updates and it still happens, just not as frequent as before. But on low-end laptop 10 works even faster than 7 (still not as cool as 7).

About rendering problem, I have no idea what can cause this. Did you check the log file in C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\ia\59?

If there is crash.CIU.log file too, your game is not just closing but dying.


You might wanna send the log file to iA, as well

It sounds like your game is indeed crashing. Please send me all files present in this folder and I’ll take a closer look:


use google drive

Stop this


Uh Have You Turned On View Your Hidden Files
Program Data Is Hidden Files

silently pulls out a flag
We got another. /s


Sigh, type in image Run.
Then press Enter on your keyboard. Then copy-paste the following in here:image
Should look like this. Afterwards click on OK and you will be directed in this folder:
Give all of these files to IA so he can look over them and see what’s making your game crash.

C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\ia\59


I don’t get why they do this lmao

Misinterpreted Ramon’s response to Capitan as a response to the OP and decided to go on the offensive, is what I’m going to guess.


He means to those people who keep posting with the “(post withdrawn by author…)” joke, not you. Please, read carefully before replying and insulting people like this.

You do know that badgering IA to reply you instead reduces the chances of him replying you, right? It’s not like once you say this he will reply you immediately.

This site.

Well, in my opinion, it wasn’t misinterepted, it seemed clear to me that ramon meant capitan, because the reply was exactly below capitan’s flagged post, he didn’t mean the OP.