RECRUIT 35 LOG #6 (Engine Flame Size Adjustment)

There’s one particular aesthetic that’s bugged me since Episode 3.
Why is the engine flame so long, especially in boss fights when you’re not moving at all?

If we manage to get more customization options in a future release, can we choose how long the flame is in-game?

And can we also adjust how far the engine sparks fly out the port (as well as the color of the sparks)?

Or, as a third option, let us deselect the outer part of the engine flame. That’d automatically make the flame overall look smaller.

Well, earlier I proposed an expansion to spaceship customisation that includes a transparency setting for the inner and outer engine, so with that it would be possible to turn off the outer engine completely.

Though in Revenge of the Yolk, the engine’s flame was also much thinner and shaped a bit differently.


@BCMediaPlayer, @GgWw1175 Notes. Some of your suggestions are in our to-do list, you could see them as early as the upcoming update.