Reconnecting to a mission

So sometimes i go afk while logging because it takes so much time to load
(Cause i have a pretty bad internet)
So i die if i didn’t come in time

My suggestion is to auto pause the game while in mission after reconnecting


good idea bro.

but i not like it.

if ur net is disconnect. u can check ur internet and go back to game.

anyway. this idea is good

and welcome to the forum

His idea is not about reconnecting
His idea is about auto pause mission upon reconnecting

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Of course it’s not good idea server is fine and then it’s doesn’t work idk that.

There’s a little temporary workaround here.
Try to connect to the game then alt+tab, once you log in, the game is paused.

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Why all of that just implement it to the game with a simple code

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Please read my text well next time.

Why implement a line of code when you can press ESC? Think, Ahmet, think!

I thought the point of this was the fact the person goes afk for a bit while connecting which, idk, means they can’t press esc once they connect because they’re kinda not present?

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That would result in a worse experience for 99% of the users just to improve 1% of cases.


Wdym esc can you press esc while connecting to th server ?

Yes you can ESC when you load in the game? There is 3 seconds for the wave to begin

just don’t go afk

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It happened to me a while ago my internet was so slow it reconnected me after like 10 min of waiting

Can you add an option to enable/disable that? So 100% of players would be satisfied


shouldn’t be enabled by default


What could possibly go wrong are you that lazy to press resume XD

What could possibly go wrong if you are that lazy to not wait for it to load, Ex Dee

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Imo, that would just waste my time and I want to proceed quickly