Reconnecting to a mission

Wait 10-15 mins on login screen what are you gonna do waste your time ?

Just if i was lazy i wouldn’t bother to get up and work out till it loads

Why would my time be wasted if I have good internet.

I disagree with that opinion

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It only takes 15 seconds. If it is 10 minutes, restart the game and check your connection smh

My guy
What is the word that you can’t understand in
My internet at the end of the month become so slow

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I don’t think 10 mins is even possible, the game gives up after likely ~2-5
Otherwise the game would be unplayable.

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I didn’t count it i just guessed it
But i think it is 10 bec it took so much time

Still not a valid reason to not run to your PC and pause the game after hearing the mission music

What if you are in the toilet?

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Then this will work well

why do you plan to play a game while inside the toilet

Waiting for it to load lol


Game: *Connecting*
Me: Screw it, I’m going to the bathroom
Game: *Logged in*
Hero: Remember to dodge next time
Me: Ah shit, here we go again


If it was optional and not on by default, I don’t see why not.


That’s the point lol

So I’m not mistaken, @Medvel had a problem with their internet connection and it takes too long just to load the mission.

Yeah, the Esc key isn’t gonna help with that if people still aren’t clear about that.

I’m torn between suggestion a toggleable option to auto pause the mission once it loads, since there are still many people in the world with poor internet.

On the other hand, people with such poor internet connections are likely to be disconnected from the loaded mission anyway.

So yeah, I’m pretty torn on this one folks.

Well it doesn’t disconnect you if your internet works
It can take long time to login but it won’t disconnect you unless your internet just stopped

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I can’t press esc it doesn’t work for me

If you just happened to be disconnected at a mission then you just reconnected again your game will be paused automatically
Can you explain what can happen
It is just a simple way to prevent people from dying after reconnecting
You can make it that you can activate it or disable it from the settings


If your esc is not working then you might try “P” instead (you can customize the “P” key from Option)

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Along with that, you can use Pause/break key

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You can’t pause while connecting