Recommended Spacecraft for Missions

Imagine trying to play a long, hard mission with H&C spacecrafts.
It would be hard because the power level would be stuck at 8 .
Instead of playing the mission right away, it would show you this:


not necessary (new players dont have muller)

Me too

Still useful. That message recommend them buy new spacecrafts, therefore enhancing their experience. If they don’t want, they can just ignore it, or, as what i want for this idea to complete, add a new button “Never show this message”.


There is no higher difficulty bonus. There is an equipment bonus which only affects keys. And you’d need to remove this part for multiplayer completely.
Also, question - how does the game determine which spaceship is best, or which spaceship is not recommended for the current mission?

For short:

  • Long mission (More than 20 waves): H&C is not suitable (Because of low max firepower limit), Muller and BX do better at this aspect.
  • Heavy/Electric environment: BX is not suitable (Hard to avoid and low movement speed), Muller and H&C is better.

Well I would think that the second one would recommend vf spacecraft instead, and that short missions would recommend H&C. But it also depends on mission type. There’s no reason not to use bombers on supernova or feather fields, and it’s also a good idea to use H&C101 during key rushes to get even more keys.

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person who just completed “Your First Mission”: WHAT IS A MULLER??? I ONLY HAVE 190 KEYS WHAT DO YOU MEAN

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This may do.

still very random to tell them right after the tutorial

Hmm yeah, I think this makes more sense to be shown when the player reaches a higher tier(or should require at least some sort of progress made to appeae), as a recommendation to buy said spacecraft, or if you have it already, in which case the game would simply recommend switching to it. Sadly the first part, regarding buying a spaceship, has the issue of final spaceships of each family being extremely expensive, and having the game recommend them might make the player think they’ll gain an insane boost from getting said spaceship, while that might not necessarily be the case. Overall I’m both for and against this suggestion because it could be helpful but has some issues.


best solution is to tell the player: “fun fact h&c is the weakest ship go buy a new one lol” at some point of the game

So at least the game should recommend the players something about the spacecrafts :)))


Or maybe the game should just assume that the person playing has a functioning brain and is capable of making decisions about their loadout based on equipment stats in relation to the situation they’re about to face - a common aspect of many video games.


Comparing the mission difficulty with your spacecraft.

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That doesn’t make much sense.

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It would be better to add gifs to the game about the features and disadvantages of ships. Also, when I recently started playing, I did not know that there were special, rare and legendary ships and equipment.
Of course, you can add rent to the game. Take the ship, but without the possibility of painting.


I have another opinion:
For difficulty:

  • Hard mission (>=80%): M404 & BX is not suitable (because of high hitbox), so I think H&C 301 is recommended at this aspect.
  • Easy/Intermediate mission (<80%): M404 & BX is recommended at this aspect, but I may need “Maneuvering Jets” for BX spacecrafts so as to control it easier.

For environment:

  • Hot/Frozen environment: VF is also suitable, but I recommend M404, H&C & BX + “Accumulator” booster (for hot environment) at this aspect (note that BX spacecrafts may need “Maneuvering Jets” so as to control it easier)
  • Massive/Darkness environment: I think VF-56 & VF-66 is recommended (because of higher firepower limit than VF-76)
  • Electric environment: I think VF-76 is suitable for me because it can be hardened againist deadly lighting bolts


Yet mullers and bx ships are more suitable for harder missions due to more firepower.

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Rather than recommending spacecraft, maybe newer players (tier 10 or below) should be warned that they’re about to enter a difficult mission (70+%).

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