RE: Chicken Relics 1: Feather Hologram

This is a remastered version of my previous idea, you can find more informations here: Galactic Wonders 1: Blessed Graveyard, but basically I suggested having objects with very hard missions that would permanently buff the player upon completition. Now with that concept in mind, I made some crucial mistakes:

  1. The object had nothing to do with chickens, therefore unrelated to the game in general.
  2. I suggested unique mechanics and bosses exclusives to these missions, but that don’t fit in the context of an ultimate challenge, because the point of this is to test your skill with things that you’re acquinted with, at least in my opinion.

With that in mind I will still suggest enemies and bosses related to the object, but because I fell like I shine the most in these two fields when doing it like this.

“This star-scaled-feather-hologram has been a testing site and a very important research center for chicken technology for a long time. It has been abandoned for reasons unknown.”

Overorld Appearance:image
The black ball is actually the round barrier from CI4 and the lines connecting it to the feather are a visual rappresentation of the projection.

Mission HUD Symbol:image

Mission Type: Invasion

Projector Shard: Once per mission, a replica hologram of the spacecraft will take the hit instead.


Digital Chicken
It has the same appearance as a normal chicken, but It’s outlines are light-blue, its interior is semi transparent like the feather and his eggs share it’s appearance (semi transparent with light blue outlines). However, it can go invisible for a short period of time. It can be trackeb by the distortion that he leaves behind.

Boss: The Projector

It’s appearance is the same as this, but it will be four times bigger.

The fight will start with him coming from above, then, after it stops his descening, it will start moving like a normal generator.
While moving, it will shoot 3 light blue laser (like those of the Yolk-Star) below it in 3 random directions, with a 0.5 seconds delay after the dotted lines show up. It will shoot 3 times.
After this, it will spawn 6 level 4 barriers (possibly with the CI4 texture) that will rotate around it counter-clockwise.
While he is protected by the barries, it will shoot 2 laser from it’s sides, big like the purple lasers of the UCO that will track you in a curved line :

After all the barriers are destroyed, it will enter its final phase.
During its final phase, it creates a copy of itself, that has half of its remaing healt, but does not contribuite to the healt bar of the boss; The hologram will shot a laser every 10 seconds, pointed where you stood 0.75 seconds later, while the real one will shoot 4 of the phase 2 lasers below him, with a very high speed.


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