Galactic Wonders 1: Blessed Graveyard

Galactic wonders are objects (they reside on a rock like stores) designed for the lategame, to supplement wormholes.

Wonders will contain one single, very hard mission (100 waves, 100% difficulty)that, upon completition, will buff the player in a permanent way.
Each mission will be unique, in a sense that it will have it’s own mechanics, enemies and bosses.

I’m going to start with this one and see what the general approach is, then I will continue accordingly.

Blessed Graveyard
“It seems like the spells of the clerics successfully managed to preserve the graves of their crusaders, even after the planet’s destruction.”

Mission Type: Invasion

Unique Mechanics:

  • Ancient Blessing: From time to time, some enemies will be enveloped in a small,yellow bubble that will deflect all projectiles for a short amount of time. No more than 50% of enemies in a wave can be protected. Bubbles won’t appear in this mission.


  • Crusader Chicken
    It will wear a crusader helm
    And plate armor
    It will wield an halberd in it’s left wing
    It attacks by swinging its halberd from left to right when you get in range (Its halberd is long like 2 normal chickens) After some time, if it didn’t hit you previously, it gets frustrated and throws its weapon at you, at the speed of an egg-drone laser. After throwing its weapon it attacks like a normal chicken

  • Skeleton chicken
    It’s appearence will be the same as the Henperor’s Apprentice in CI5 Hallowen edition (I can’t find any decent images of it) and it will attack by shooting 3 bones below it, one directly under it, one to the left and one to the right.
    But, immediately after its third attack, it will collapse, effectively dying.

  • Boss
    Paladin Chicken
    It’s appearance will be the same as a crusader chicken, but it will wield a Deacon Candlestick in its right wing, along with the halberd. It’s big like a Sweater Chick.
    The screen will be zommed out like with Crab V2.0

Like a crusader, it swings its halberd when you get in range (now the halberd is big like its body) And will occasionally raise it’s candlestick a tad, and shoot 3 yellow, holy bolts like a skeleton.

  • Rewards:
  • Holy Protection
    A Magic Shield that has a 50% chance of activating once per mission. Deflects a hit.
  • The First Halberd
    Increases Metal-class weapons damage by 10%.

Those rewards will not be obtainable in one go, so you will have to play the mission 2 times to get all of them; as such, unoriginality penalty will not be applied to these missions.

Here’s a close rappresentation of what I have in mind for it’s overworld model

(Obviously, it’s just an inspiration).

It’s mission symbol would be a gravestone of this kind.

Does This hold potential?
Also, do you think it would be fair to lock the difficulty on SSH?
It’s designed to be endgame content after all.
Also, if you desire, those buffs can be turned off.


I like this, but

This looks like far more effort than it’s worth.

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I had that felling too. Would it be better I removed just the unique mechanics, or do I have to cut back on everything ?

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Huh? I think 100 waves at 100% difficulty are a good challenge.

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No, I meant, do I have to eliminate bosses and enemies, or are they fine and worth the effort in your opinion?

Also, I edited the post asking if locking on SSH would be fair.

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Eh, I think locking it on the max skill level would greatly reduce the number of people who ſtand a chance, ſo it’s probably not a great idea.

I don’t think that the wonders ſhould have ſpecial enemies or boſſes, but that’s juſt my opiniön.


That armor reminds me to Cherry Mania 2.

Well I found one that could fit a chicken body.
(large wings).

UPDATE: I haven’t gotten any significant feedback, but this was honestly a lot of fun to make, so I will finish this (If you’re thinking about WHO and me starting too many projects, I mainly haven’t posted anything because of various circumstances, but it’s not too much work for me).

I’ve decided this in the hope that maybe I can cook up some fine concepts for enemies and bosses, heck ,even tiny mechanics.

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