Quip Ideas - Less and More, Legacy Quips and Custom Quips

First post here and it’s an idea post, I know.
Anyways, about quips, here are some of my thoughts and ideas:

Quip Frequency
I think it would be nice to be able to adjust how often your pilot quips, rather than just having a flat on-off switch. At max frequency, nearly every wave would be quipped on. I’d personally have it set on “Pretty Quippy” myself, which would probably be a more than usual frequency. This would of course present another problem, namely how many quips there are on offer. That segways me into the next topic…

Legacy Quips (and how quips could be expanded on)
Simply yoinking some quips the Authentic Hero made in the mainline games would work in theory, but in practice it feels unlikely that this rando hero would just so happen to have the exact same thought cross their mind now as did the Authentic Hero all those years ago. Hence, I purpose a new product in the market, a biography on the Authentic Hero’s adventures (purchased for cultural education purposes, of course). Reading this biography (acting similar to the licences) would unlock the legacy quips and additional new comments on older waves and bosses, i.e. “Wait, weren’t you metallic on the inside?” (@ Mother Hen Ship), “Ohhhh, so that type of core!” (@ Apple Core), etc.
Similarly to this, there could also be different volumes of biographies or even completely unrelated books that detail different lands or dimensions that would make the hero comment with references to other media, i.e. “Why do I feel like a frog in the middle?” (@ Spiral of Doom wave), “THE MEAT IS RAW! GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!” (@ Iron Chef), “Talk about a Meteor Strike.” (@ Bossa Nova).
But, if pre-made pools of quips aren’t your cup of tea, why not…

Make your own quips?
Simply purchase the handy-dandy Original Quipping Licence and get to making those quips! Ideally, you could customize entire pools of quips for different types of waves and bosses, but realistically the most we could get in the game’s current development state would be a unified quip pool for waves and bosses separately.

That about covers everything I can think of on the topic at the moment. I find quips to be a rather unique part of the CI series identity, so I would really like to see the quips in CIU expanded on, even if just a tad. Let me know your opinions on this, if you think this idea’d work or not, and why! Thanks for reading!



Already Suggested by @Sufi, Link to original idea


Oh, thank you for telling me! I must have missed it while surveying the topics.


You are welcome.


This is such a completely goofy and nonsensical way to justify user-made quips.

I love it. I absolutely love it. Can we please, please have this as a feature?


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