Quests Idea!

Hello there! Today, I present you an idea: Quests!

What are quests? Quests are daily assignments for every Hero out there.

What kind of quests are they, and what do they offer? There will be quests such as “Complete a Squawk Block/Boss Rush/etc. mission”, “Obtain the Great Appetite/Marksmanship/etc. medal”, Pick up 5 Firepowers" or “Use Boron Railgun in a mission”. They will offer keys and fuel as a reward, or maybe even some Superweapons. Quests’ type and rewards will depend on a Hero’s tier.

How can they be accessed, how do I get them and how many? They can be accessed by clicking on an icon on the left, and it looks like 3 boxes of which 2 are checked. You will get 3 quests daily. If you complete a quest, tomorrow you wil get a new one. But if you don’t complete a quest, it will stay until you complete it, it won’t change.

Anything else? This is just optional, it isn’t a bone of the idea. You will be able to change quests. The first quest you change will be free, and the rest will cost keys. Someone may want to change a quest because it’s too difficult for them complete, or simply because they want a different prize.

What is the point of quests? They will make the game a little more fun, making you use different weapons, play different missions and bring up fun new strategies. ~ My personal opinion

I hope you like my idea!

  • Great idea, I’d love too see this in CIU!
  • Nice idea, I like it.
  • Neutral, I don’t care if this is added.
  • I don’t like the idea, is bad.
  • The idea is terrible!
  • I like the idea, but I’d like to change/add something.
  • I don’t like the idea, I’d like to change/add something.

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Sounds like something from a mobile game.


This thing totaly broke “Tanki X”. I don’t know how is it possible to make daily missions balanced.

Well, I’ve played TX too, and I don’t think that “this thing” totally broke it… I’d rather say missions in Tanki Online (original game) are unbalanced.

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This thing CAN be good, but it needs accurate balance and rebalance after almost every addition. Tanki Online died after new physics on my opinion, paint has no sense after they added modules.


I agree, it would take a lot of balancing, but it would be worth it. And what you say about TO, I must totally agree. Even though the last modules update was good, the entire thing is still bad. And paints became insanely expensive. Would you pay 500K crystals for a visual? Hell no. And about TX… it was only meant to be be a TO with better graphics. But it got so changed, it doesn’t feel like a Tanki game at all…

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Added to v.119 :medal_sports: Idea