Questions about items in shop and obtaining keys

Key Rushes can be found for the help of @BoggY’s map:
A map of all Key Rush missions

I agree on the part of games that don’t have a tutorial, but those games usually have a gameplay that is self-explanatory. Aka learning by doing. And a lot in this game is like that, or explained somewhere else.
Like… The shop I had massive issues with until I discovered that hints tell what things do… Except they don’t always. it took me multiple forum posts to figure out why I can buy satellites when I can find them in waves. Or what Strobe lights do. I assumed they increase my light in dark missions, but they are only cosmetical, which sucks to be honest. I wasted a lot of keys on stuff I assumed is needed early on like the heat shield and anti-grav so I land on suns. I assumed they are special, but they also have the same missions like normal planets. Could’ve saved myself the keys.

Also Droid raids are still a mystery for me.


There are only 50 key rushes and you can only fly them once.

Find some droids

That’s the next topic on my list, together with economy. But I want to finish weapons first.


those are key rushes and you have to purchase a heat shield in order to go to suns

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