Question regarding Cheat Engine

Disclaimer : I have never used ( and never will use ) cheat engine in the game.

Ok so I have seen a lot of people in The “Post your Spacecraft” thread talk about using cheat engine for their paintjobs but how far can you really go with cheat engine in the game ( during early access )?

So what I’m about ask might seem very suspicious and wrong but here goes: Is it against the rules to use cheat engine for keys?

I hope no one hates me

Again I just wanna know and even if its allowed I won’t ever try it.

Edit: Probably gonna get banned after IA sees this


Maybe it was about 2sN that used cheat engine before (ia said)
Well I think that thing u are saying is mod.

If you want to be ban, cheat. (Don’t)


Nah I think IA is probably gonna ban me from the forum itself for posting this thread

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What’s a “ban cheat”?

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Really? There are mods for this game?

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Those mods aren’t about cheating the game but only for texture

  • why u ask that?
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Forgot the ,

of course it is
why you asking like that

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UC0 5 when?


not funny

Wrong context

Ok thanks for clearing my very obvious doubt guys. I just wanted to know cause after I saw that post I got paranoid whether people were using cheat engine and getting ahead while I grinded for hours.

And as always the community is so friendly


During Early Access, you can mess with certain things around the game without receiving harsh penalties, but if it’s too serious your game progress will simply be deleted. After Early Access then obviously cheating/hacking is strictly prohibited and doing so will likely result in your account being permanently banned or deleted.

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Ah gotcha. Thanks for telling :slight_smile:

i only ever use it to find potential exploits/security stuff to report to iA, for example i was able to access debug mode once in the past

Yeah, Very Funny

That was sadly fixed by adding most of the CE paintjob abilities to the game and increasing security. Using CE for anything is not allowed but there is a difference between bad and very bad, causing different restrictions for using CE.

You simply can’t cheat anything because you won’t be able to find the right value and even if you do, the server will kick you out.

iA allows obtaining keys via using existing exploits in the game, because it’s something anyone can apply and is in the game. Just make sure to report it, if it hasn’t been already, so that the exploit will get fixed.

iA however, does NOT tolerate using external means such as cheat engine to obtain keys.

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Also, check iA’s topic about cheats & exploits


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