Question+Poll (Color Limit)

Why the chickens has a Limit of Colors? Need remove the Limit in some of them? :

  • Ordinary Chicken
  • Zig-Zag Chicken
  • Military Chicken
  • Metal-Suit Chicken
  • Metal-Suit Zig-Zag Chicken
  • Metal-Suit Military Chicken
  • Cowbard Chicken

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Also, i will read your replies and suggestions to do best this topic


I don’t get it. Your post states there’s a color limit, but all I can see in your poll is just a bunch of breeds…? I assume that’s what you have to edit in your poll.

L i k e b u t t o n


That I said in my second post, brb it still broken

Edit: Now

Are we voting for the ones we want limited, or the ones we want to have any colour?


The reason each breed has its own color range is to assist the player in visual decoding. So you know, for example, that anything orange-yellow is a regular chicken without needing to look at the chicken’s face.


The only thing I would say is that I feel like a better sprite is needed for Cowards - until I looked on the forum, I had no idea what they were supposed to be, while the other two from that patch (Toxic and Slob) were much more obvious visually.


Actually, chickens can appear in rainbow colors in Chicken Fractals wave

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Correct, but on these kinds of waves there’s only one type of enemy, so there’s no need to distinguish between them.


Ok, thx for your reply

But if Pilot chickens appear in chicken fractals, they didnt appear with other colors, but its this is very small and it’s not worth it

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