Question how do I mod the game

Are there any instructions to mod Chicken Invaders Universe please tell me .

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only some people have access to the mod tool but you can always install mods here
Mod installer and public mods - Early Access - Chicken Invaders Universe

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I want to have pictures and sounds of the game Can you extract it for me .

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Most of the stuff you need is already in Chicken Invaders Wiki.

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But not everything.

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Is there any way to get files of the game ?

It previously was, but now you can’t get .TGA (the UVE++11 sprite format) and .TGA.INI.PRELOAD files unless you have the complete IAMT, which very few people have. Anyways you can still extract .JPG, .TTF, .OGG, .TXT and the other .INI.PRELOAD files with the limited IAMT. I think you can get it in the Mod installer and public mods topic.


Is there a way to get complete IAMT or not?

Sadly, no. Only the IAMT crew have complete IAMT but you can request visual mods in the IAMT discord. IAMT

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You shouldn’t be able to.

If you have the completed IAMT can you please give the download link

why disable the download link

No, I mean “give”, but it’s translated by Google Translate as “disable”

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why we should give to you?

I want files of game

I want sprites and SFX of game .

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The public one extracts sfx. Textures are not readable anyway so they are not extracted, you’d need another tool to fix them.

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I tried to extract files game but I didn’t find any tga files . Is there another way to get sprites ?

Sadly no.

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