Question about selling items

Does selling items or equipment in their shops give more keys than selling in the galactic shop ?

Nope, afaik it’s the same.

It seems there is a difference. Or rather - there should be a difference.

EDIT: Sorry, here’s the right quote:

Sell prices are now better on regional shops than Galactic store
Early Access version 04


No, selling an engine (or something) in Heroware (or any shop) gives your more keys

It depends. You can sell for more if the location fluctuation (use Price Insight) shows a “up arrow”, which means that things there are sold for higher. If it’s “down arrow”, it means that things there are sold for cheaper.

The ones with a down arrow still give more than the galactic store, but only marginally at times.


The up arrow means “stonks” in CIU


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