Quest and daily objectives idea

I suggest to add some quest from planet .
For exemple : kill XX Chicken , kill a specific boss , Use only one type of weapon in a level , dare a player etc …

And why not make it daily limited ( only 3 per day ) .

Rewards can be extra life , or key .

What do you think about it ?


Hey, first of all, welcome to the community! we’re glad to have you here between us.
Now onto your idea, needless to say that this has already been suggested a few times, this is an example of it:

Not that it’s a bad idea in any way, the game itself is missing a lot of work on a multitude of things, most crucial one at the moment being the MMO part of it. I do believe quests should be added into the game.
Kind of like the ones you suggested. Even if an idea has already been suggested many times, that means its one that has merit and should at least be looked at.


Too little, too late, if it were implemented.

Too little what exactly?

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Too little change to the game. This kind of thing should have been in the game ages ago, and iterated on, and removed if it wasn’t good. There could have been so much experimentation over the entirety of this Early Access period but it simply didn’t happen. By now it should have been a full fledged mechanic, with at least a year of balancing behind it. So yeah, that’s what I mean by too little and too late.

I don’t see why it would be too late to give people an incentive to keep playing, or how that would be too small of a change. Tho yes, it would have been better if this was implemented earlier, but the game still is in early access.


Yes i think other think about it . There is something obvious for this kind of game .

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