Problem in the game

I noticed that I have a problem recently in the ciu and found that the mouse arrow appears on me over the hand that is used in the game. I have a video that I could not upload. Can anyone solve this problem?

You can solve it by restarting the game. Tell me if you solved something…
Also if you want to upload the video, upload it to youtube.

I did this many times but couldn’t solve the problem

Upload the video on youtube and post the link here.

i have a slow internet

Just be patient for uploading it.

okay :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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i did it

all good, now post the link here.

i do not understand


i do not understand How to share it

Click copy and paste it here.

Try reinstalling the game

You are playing in a litte screen?

i did it but The problem was not solved

Try re-setting graphic mode

in the game true

What did you mean with that