Pre-customized spaceships/ Customize spaceships contest

Do you want your spaceship to look cool but you’re not good at customizing? Or maybe you don’t want to waste hours just to customize your ships?

We have dozens of pre-customized spaceships designed by our community.

That’s my idea. We can create a contest (even after the game’s official release, annually or less) where everyone can post their best customized spaceships. The winners will get their ships in the game where anyone can choose to customize like them. It’s like sets of clothes. And of course there will be a description says “Designed by (somebody) in the 2020 Contest.” That would be so cool.

My entry, the worst-looking H&C (actually not)

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Making someone’s paintjob easily stealable in the game :thinking:


Ekhem Paintcode - share your spaceship look


The purpose is to create a fun event for the community and to get your name in the game. It will be like your legacy. Even if you quit the game, everyone will still remember your name! Like a legend :1st_place_medal:

My 2nd ship

This needs to be an official contest in the discord server, what do you think about this @Sammarald?

Well then, I dunno how many submissions are allowed so I’ll share my favorite one.
Type 02 Oriental Trident


for something
here is the dark hero. this is was my first spacecraft so i choose him. :slightly_smiling_face:


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