Power Batteries

Here’s an idea for a new item: Power Batteries.
Stackable by 3 and maximum number to hold is 3, and perishable.
When you use the superweapon button, you will power up your weapon. Great for when you are on low on weapon power. Sure it sounds similar to the one item that buffs your weapon strength, but it behaves like if you pick up a power atom.
It gives you 5 firepower each battery.

Why with the superweapon button? Wouldn’t then be better if it is a superweapon, limited to one use per mission that gives you the 5 power levels instead?

I think I had the same but more convoluted idea of this.

Also it’s better for multiple smaller ones because you could use them more efficiently to your needs.

Genuinely the most frequent use scenario is when you die and want to recover powerup, so it makes sense to get 5 all in one touch.

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