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Okay let’s actually get on with the ideas.

1.The Present Rejector. As the name suggests, it rejects weapon gifts (you ungrateful hero)! You will be able to collect them, but you won’t gain score, change weapon or get power even if you get the gift of your weapon you already have equipped. I think this can be useful for one weapon challange runs as well as the fact the Utensil Poker is so good other weapons are worse than death. (Sorry photon swarm you suk). I can’t decide if it should be a perishable or mountable, so here’s a poll!

  • Perishable
  • Mountable
  • Hardpoint?
  • No don’t add this nonononono

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2.Since you won’t be getting gifts, why not buy one for yourself? This is the Power Box (could use with a better name)! It’s a perishable that upon activation, it will shoot out a box, and from it you will get an off-brand atomic power-up! What do you mean you didn’t check the labels?

This powerup will increase your power, however it won’'t give you score and won’t count towards your max power score reward progress. For example you use the Power Box twice, now you will get the max power reward at 22 power.
I feel however like this item is extremely OP! It should have a high price as well as not being stackable. That way you can get at most 25 powerups, sacrificing lives and other gadgets. However 12 is enough to get the max power projectiles… perhaps if it didn’t count towards it too?
To make the max power thing more clear the power score would show something like 12+2 :zap: (If you used the item twice here), so you can see your actual progress to max power.
If you die, your bonus power will be lost first.
If the game can’t spare the files for a differently colored atomic sprite, you can just use the normal one.

  • This idea good
  • This idea bad
  • Well yes but no

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3.Maybe it’s just me, but I like to use bad weapons on high difficulties. But the rewards are just not comparable! Of course I do it for fun, but a equipment to skill ratio could be used for rewards (or penalties too but I don’t think so). Basically the less equipped you are, and the harder the mission, you get more score or keys! If you play a begginer mission, even if you have nothing but a moron railgun, you will at most get a small bonus for not using lives or anything else.
This could encourage people to… make their lives harder for themselves! Isn’t that what we all strive for? Discomfort?

  • This idea good
  • This idea bad
  • Well yes but no

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I’m fine with all of these ideas,except for the last one. The weapons should simply be rebalanced,instead of giving you more score if you use worse weapons. You’d waste so much time if you do moron railgun-only with absolutely no equipment. Aside from that,the game encourages you to “get something better,fast”,so people will do exactly that,and most of them will fail to realize that moron railgun in fact has a score boost.


Yeah, I can definelty agree with you that the mechanic will be quite unintuitive.

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it looks like Unlockables from CI5

  • Superstar Hero - Revenge of the Yolk , Ultimate Omelette , Cluck of the Dark Side
  • Scoring (Start with 1 Life) - Cluck of the Dark Side
  • Scoring (No Extra Lifes) - Cluck of the Dark Side
  • Scoring (More Food for Missiles) - Cluck of the Dark Side
  • Scoring (Limited Powerups) - Cluck of the Dark Side

The first one kind of, but I think it is more helpful than a challange.

And to others who voted, say why! I want to know your thoughts.


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