Potential Chickopedia Entries

Disclaimer: This is purely for fun and you can put anything at all into these entries, and there is no liability of these ever ending up in the game, so go wild!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the game’s bestiary, and really hope that they shed more light on the deep and complex world of Chicken Invaders, but in the meanwhile, we can only speculate. And since we have a lot more free time on our hands due to the lockdown, why not try creative writing for a change?

So this is the actual idea part: the Chickopedia would function a lot like in other games: a short, brief entry describing the enemy’s physical appearance and attack on first encounter of said enemy, with a more detailed entry unlocked after killing, say, 200 or so of that enemy type (that may sound like too much, but in Chicken Invaders that’s a completely achievable goal that requires only a few missions or so to unlock.) Unlocking all entries gets you a medal.

And this is the part where the idea ends. An enemy title is in bold, the brief entry is in italics, and the extended entry is in normal sentence case.

Just to give you a sense of tone here’s a sample entry. I’m sure people can come up with far better ones. You can also write about individual projectiles, like the Henterprise mini-suns, or the Space Burger, of that’s your thing.

Sample entry:

Ordinary Chicken

@ChickenBlaster’s entry:
Average chicken with average health laying average eggs that cause not-so-average damage to your spaceship.

There are many mysteries in the universe, and none more so that the ordinary chicken. How does it breathe? Does it wear a skintight spacesuit? Does it like jazz? Does it make casual Bee Movie references? Sadly, they die too fast to answer questions. Trust me, I’ve been asking them for five episodes now but they keep blowing up in the windshield. Rude.
Weak against Organic Weapons, no known strengths

Toxic Chicken

@Stardrone’s entry
Advanced chicken that leaves a toxic cloud after defeat

Henperor’s thirst of power never ends…
Chickens of this breed were genetically modified in order to resist against every nuclear-based weapon.
But something went wrong and these chickens are now the living bio-weaponry of the Henpire.
The dna alterations caused some interesting stuff like the inability to lay eggs and a total hate aganst squirrels.
Why squirrels? No one knows
Strong against Organic and Nuclear Weapons, no known weaknesses

Unbreakable barrier
@Stardrone’s entry

Tier 0 barrier

A barrier capable to absorb every damage it receives.
Not even the Absolver beam is capable to scratch it!
We must consider ourself lucky that chickens are too dumb to make bosses out of these…
No weaknesses and strengths, ‘cause it’s invincible, duh

Henlley’s Comet
@Stardrone’s entry

Comet chase — Boss enemy

This Boss attacks becomes harder as long as the fight continues

The biggest celeritas comet humanity have ever seen.
It was firstly sighted by Henlley 106 years ago.
Right now the Henlley Comet appears as an huge (but frail) comet that travels over the speed of light, surrounded by its own scraps: what we admire now is just a little chunk of the majestic rock that the astronomer discovered.
Keys are made of titanium and celeritas comet are made 86.79% of it… you can guess how many people in needs of money “extracted” titanium chunks from the comet.
Strong against Electric Weapons, weak against Nuclear and Hot Weapons

The Yolk-Star™
@anon48763505’s entry

Final boss from CI3

This boss has lasers, number of lasers varies in difficulty from 4-7, the beam of the laser cannons extends outwards, the boss can summon deadly chickens that chase you

The 3rd final boss and 3rd largest boss in the game, built by the chickens themselves and it’s made out of egg shells, egg-white, a yolk, metal(?), … Has the rank of the hardest boss. Oh and it’s angry too.
No weaknesses or strengths

Egg Cannon
@anon48763505’s entry

Final boss from CI4

This boss is basically a giant cannon that shoots eggs to destroy planets, it can deploy chickens at first, you might think that it’s not dangerous and hard at all, but when you’ve reached a health checkpoint, it’ll start blasting lasers, aims and fires bullets at you, shoots eggs that doesn’t have a yolk, and shoots giant hot lasers that can cook you. Sounds dangerous, but not actually too hard for veterans

The biggest boss up to date, also built by the chickens, looks deadly and cool, made out of metal.
And due to some reason, a recruit with a 0 :zap: Moron Railgun was be able to beat it.
No weaknesses or strengths

Vitelline molecular propulsor
@Stardrone’s entry

Final boss of Ultimate omelette

Also known as the “Egg cannon”.
The biggest chicken contraption ever built.
It is capable of assemble Earth-sized eggs capable to envelop entire planets (Wich will be deep-fried by the sun’s heat) and end them with a BOOM!
Chickens who pilot it always understimate our heros (at first), this is translated into fights that becomes more desperate as the battle goes on.
A dangerous foe… but not for UHF members!

There are some rumors that says that a machine capable of shooting-shoothing it is under heavy development… don’t believe at them, is just a meme.
No weaknesses or strengths

The Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade
@VerMishelb’s entry

Regular Boss
Egg Cannon inside Egg Cannon with Egg Cannon inside

An unregistered modernization of a powerful chicken weapon which is able to destroy planets but always gets stopped by a small ship with Moron Railgun for unexplainable reasons. However, construction is very difficult to maintain due to its telescopic structure and lack of professional engineer chickens in the Galaxy, so you can’t see a lot of those during battles. Also has medium safety margin as weapon modernization base is pretty old.
No weaknesses or strengths

@SonicCrazyExe’s entry

Mini-boss which shoots three green lasers in random directions and random cool-down

The first chicken on the moon, everyone knows this achievement of the chicken kind, these chickenauts look’s inofencive when you meet him single, but, when them are togheter, you will join in the nightmare without being prepared! All that bullet hell what you will sufer…
Strong against Mines and Missiles and maybe Organic Weapons, too, no known weaknesses

Chick Gatligun
@SonicCrazyExe’s entry

A chick who is driving a very strong machine gun that shoots three eggs at you

This definitely the true fear of some UHF heroes…The most dealy prototype that the chickens have made, you need to be carefully with this… Especially in “Wheel of Fortune” wave, do not expect what is easy to beat…
No weaknesses or strengths

CK-01 Henterprise(aka Hend Game)
@anon48763505’s Entry

Final boss from CI5

A boss that can freeze planets and star systems, shoots stars, make a star become completely dark, can release indestructible black feathers and cover up stars, blocking sunlight to reach planets, one of the Henpire’s greatest creations

The boss is based heavily in NK-01 Enterprise from Star Trek, the NK-01 also appears in CI3 in a cutscene. According to the UHF information, recently Henterprise has it’s popularity unusually increase, a UHF general said: “Might due to some recruits started to meme Henterprise, so it’s famous as a meme now”
Strong against Nuclear Weapons, no known weaknesses

Armored Chicken
@Akemisora’s entry

A veteran army from Henpire’s Elite Force, entrusted with special armored suit resembling an iron egg.

He loves symmetry. His attack is perfect triangular direction at fixed firing interval. He won’t even turn his head to maintain the symmetry. In reality, it’s just too cramped inside.

Coward Chicken
@Akemisora’s entry

Ordinary enemy
A small postured chicken, forced to battle in front line. Their small body reflects their mentality.

Why did they paint their body blue? They tried to camouflage in the space! They have severe anxiety disorder causes gastritis issue with their stomach if triggered.
Weak against Organic Weapons, no known strengths

Planetary Egg City
@Akemisora’s entry

Regular boss
One of seven wonders of the universe. Masterpiece of chickenity, able to sustain life in the space.

The advancement of the chickens is beyond humanity imagination. They are able to make artificial planet. But everything has a dark side, in this planet, they force underage chicks to defend it at all cost.

It took 100 years of engineering, but it can be destroyed in the matter of seconds. What a shame.
Strong against Special Weapons, weak against Hot weapons

Ultra-Celerita Comets

@ChickenBlaster’s entry

Comet-like objects from another dimension found in certain galaxies. Can be used to accelerate spaceship speed by going close to them.

What are these comets doing, roaming endlessly on a path charted by an unseen force? Their motions seem to have no rhyme or reason, but yet roam the galaxies endlessly on a charted path known only to them. At least they’re pretty.
No none weaknesses or strengths

Slob Chicken
@Stardrone’s entry

Miniboss chicken who ate too much sweets

Glutton strawberry-flavored chickens that were forced to join the Henpire army.
They are fat,slow and a dangerous foe.
Watch out where you aim! If bullets hit their belly they will vomit everywhere! So gross! (And I would like to remember you that recruits must keep their ships clean, plus they must pay by themself every cleaning operation)
For some weird reason hitting them will result into spreading food everywhere too.
Strong against Metal Weapons, (maybe) weak against Organic Weapons

The Giant Robotic Space Crab
@Stardrone’s entry

Boss that comes in different forms

The original Hero made many (27931) mistakes, one of them was destroying this Mechanical Crab in its 4th mission.
Since 2010 it hunts every human it encounters.
Any attempt to destroy it made things worse: it comes back stronger,faster and smarter.
Little we know about the UHF enemy number 2 except for the fact that it attacks chickens too!

It comes in many forms:
It may launch Chickens, suns, naked chickens or simply cut your ship with deadly lasers.
It doesn’t matter how it looks or how it attacks you: your objective is to gather info about it!

Srong Against Hot Weapons

Retro Invaders
@Akemisora’s entry

Found at the deepest and farthest area of universe, these are the most simple lifeform in the space.

Unlike normal biological lifeform that made out of cells, they are made of few bits.

Mysterious Ship
@OneWingLunarian’s entry

Nobody knows where this thing came from, but rumors have it that it’s the posthumous version of the Mother-Hen Ship from a world threat many years ago.

Fires a 4/5/6-direction laser at fixed intervals. Displays how it will shoot when it first fires, but never again after that.
Weak to Electric weapons.

Unidentified Chicken Object
@OneWingLunarian’s entry

Only a few have ever seen them. Let alone survive an encounter with one.

Has different types of weapons for destroying spacecrafts.
Weak to Hot, Nuclear and “Special” Weapons.

Henlley’s Comet (wait, someone already did this… But I’ll put mine anyway.)
@OneWingLunarian’s entry

The comet that passes by earth every 65 years. Quite a sight to behold, except some trigger-happy hero has blasted it to bits. No one will ever see it again, even though it seems to always return through inexplicable reasons.
Weak to Hot and Nuclear weapons.
Strong against Organic Weapons.

Changes up it’s attacks at 25%, 50% and 75% damage levels.

Military Ordinary Chickens aka Bruh Chickens
@OneWingLunarian’s entry

Named after the one time a Bruh Chicken got shot at by Riddler bullets, and it’s partner replied with “Bruh”.

They get pushed around easier by weapons than any other chicken types. Weapons with high damage per projectile are recommended.
Weak to Organic weapons.

Metal Suit Military Chickens aka Yeet Chickens or Metal Cunts That’s what galbatorix called them :V

@OneWingLunarian’s entry

Bruh Chicken: “Who are you?”
Yeet Chicken: “I’m you, but bouncier.”
Bruh Chicken: “Bruh”

They bounce around much easier than their ordinary counterpart, along with being tougher.
Weak to Organic weapons.

Party Chicken
@OneWingLunarian’s entry
“The long lost brother has returned. Nobody cares.”

A poor chap that’s drunk and ate himself silly. His view on the world has became distorted, along with being unable to control his bowels. He’s also became somewhat resistant to Nuclear energy though, we can’t explain that part.

Flies in a Specific pattern, does a ring patterned attack in the middle, and then flies around and shoots randomly.
Weak to Organic Weapons.
Strong against Nuclear Weapons.

Henperor’s Apprentice
@SpryterTerraxian’s entry
Pure looks, pure mysterious. Was a past electrician.

They loved to watch Chick Wars episodes and equally loved to cosplay. Mix these two and you get the Henperor’s Apprentice. Claiming to be strong with the force and deemed a madchick, he roamed around aimlessly until he was hired into the Henpire out of pure boredom and given an actual suit. However, the only thing good about the suit was the in built ketchup dispenser and flashy LEDs forcing him to use his skills as an electrician to at least be a force to look at.
Weak against Hot Weapons, strong against Organic Weapons

Supernova Debris
@Akemisora’s entry

Exhaust of a dying star, even if that star seems to be healthy enough for this moment.

You might wonder why sometimes it breaks into bigger piece. You have to consider the Z-axis.
Weak against Electric Weapons(?), no known strengths

Feather Chicken
@Francis’s entry

He’s not a bunch of feathers, he just loves 'em.

There was a legend that said that Easter chickens had more feathers than any other chicken, and this boss is proof that it’s a reality. It’s an oversized chick, twice as large as a Big Chicken, wearing a green
bowtie and parts of its egg shell. He attacks only with feathers, but his health increases from 50K to
330K depending on the difficulty percentage. He has no strenghts, but scientists say that after a certain
“V54” he will be weak to Fire and Metal weapons.
Note: And for some reason, hitting it and feathers with Absolver Beam causes the game to crash

@OneWingLunarian’s entry
“Another Entry in the large poultry category, this chicken is rarely seen without its identical twin.”

They hang out together, play together, watch movies together, dance together, and sleep together. They are inseparable, no matter how hard you try.

Moves in a 360 motion, and then does it’s 360 fiery attack. Moves in random directions, only stopping to attack after that.

Weak to “Special” weapons.
Strong against Nuclear weapons.

@OneWingLunarian’s entry
“That’s one big chicken!”

He discovered he could fly while he was attending his lessons in the Henpire’s headquarters. It took him 23 years to discover he could fly to begin with. Sadly, when it comes to combat, this tub of chicken fat is too lazy to take it seriously.

Has a butt laser, drops multiple eggs, and has a randomly aimed smoky attack.

Weak to Electric weapons.

Sweater Chicken
@Recruit_75’s entry

A big chicken who seems to be much more sensitive to cold than his poultry brethren. Doesn’t really mind high temperatures though…

A veteran warrior of the Henpire, he is known for being surprisingly dangerous in battle with his 360o egg attack combined with his agility.

Rumor has it that he is the lead engineer of the The Yolk-Star™

Weak to electric weapons and strong against Fire type weapons



An unfortunate chick that joins in the infinite battle

The chicks that just hatched from Mommy chicken are forced to fight and travel through millions of galaxies, the problem is that they are quite harmless and weak, why they have to participate in this, wouldn’t child labor be a crime?

Blindfolded Chick

@ChickenBlaster’s entry

Enemy with relatively low health that avoids line of fire.

Misbehaving chicks are given a choice: the army or the van.

Feather Brain
Oversized Fluffy Baby

@OneWingLunarian’s entry

He’s big. He’s a baby. He’s also a nerd, and he’s got a nerdy bowtie to prove it.
Just don’t ask him about life.

Uses it’s feathers as means to defend himself, or attack the player.
Weak to Fire and Metal weapons.

Chick Laser Gun

The chicks failed using the gatling guns, So they decided to build a stronger, Chick Laser Gun,


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