Potential Chickopedia Entries

Added an entry from my side, my narrative side isn’t working lol

Why my descriptions are all comedy?

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Bruh Chicken and Yeet Chicken

Actually, add strengths and weaknesses to all entries.

Added the Feather Brain entry

Added Superchick and Infini-chick

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Added Sweater Chicken

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Added (some) weaknesses and (some) strengths for bosses that don’t have their weaknesses/strengths written in the Chickopedia and fixed some typos.
And some weaknesses/strengths that I’m not sure, so I’ve added a maybe before the weaknesses/strengths.
Note: Due to a bug in this update or something, some weapons, especially Corn Shotgun don’t show their strengths or weaknesses upon damaging an enemy that’s actually weak/strong to it



Also, added Basic Chick

You can use something like that:

(it’s a hyperlink to profile with username as text)


Oh, Thank you!

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Added the strength of the Space Crabs

Added Blindfold Chick entry.

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