Post your spacecraft!



How did you do that ?

You mean the non-full screen? You can find it on grafics-advanced options and you will see how.

My spacecraft like this


Search around the menus. There should be a paint option. Its somewhere on the headgear icon.

I don’t want to watse the keys so…I don’t change the appearace of the spacecraft

You can get your keys back with 2-3 short boss rushes so I think you won’t lose keys at all. There are a lot of things which costs way more keys.


In honour of me changing my profile picture. I decided to change my unused spaceship to look like it:


Can you share the specific of the personalization?
I love it!

Sure -
You gave me a new idea.


Look at my icon
It’s my Blue Warrior:grinning:
With fully upgraded :fork_and_knife:


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Once I ſtarted flyïng comet chaſes, it immediätly became apparent that the utenſil poker was not the right tool for the job, ſo I bought myſelf a laſer cannon and fully upgraded it. I ſoon diſcovered another problem, though: I had this naſty habit of inferring the location of my ſpacecraft by the origin of my ſhots, and this didn’t exactly work with my new weapon. So I decided that I needed a new, ſlightly more viſible ſpacecraft. Here’s what I came up with:

I ſettled on bright green becauſe that way it would ſhow up well againſt both the comets and the laſer cannon, and got the H&C 101 on the theory that it likely has the ſmalleſt hitbox (although this haſn’t been confirmed), and it didn’t need ſatellites for it’s intended purpoſe. I actuälly bought this one new, as I wanted to keep the H&C 101 Ruſty Old Hulk for attempting to get medals of extreme unpreparedness.

I could alſo barely afford it; I had to take an engine from the hulk, and after painting I had 1 key left. I alſo ran out of lives juſt before the purchaſe, which is why I’m flyïng without any ſpares in the photo.

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I always play with one live except dailys and realy often with SSH. My win ratio decreased to 50% but now I play more accurate and faster + almost always control the whole screen situation which helps me a lot. I think we need something like training mode where you can’t get keys, score or change your stats (you can but final multuipliers are “0” so you get nothing). Was it suggested?

Vulkan chaingun is the best weapon for the comets. Screw the forks.

You mean Vulcan!

Yes sometimes the people make wrongs.

Heeeey @Travisdaman when ya gonna make a new topic to update us on your journey in CIU?

I’m sorry am I trying to create new topic to flood this forum?

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