Post your spacecraft!

Meh, those that know how to move will outperform those who just swipe the credit card easily, the worst part will be recreate everything again but since we had almost 2 years of EA and lots of waves under our thrusters, we know a lot more than them. You want to get that fancy ship? Go ahead, spend some bucks, but you still need to practice with it before compare to the very best (Not to sound elitist but it is what it is)


This is definitely a game where whales won’t stomp skilled players and it’s a good thing!
The only advantage they can get is owning a 100 ships hangar.

I don’t know heavy spenders tought process but when I enjoy a free game I played a lot, then I start to spend, not since minute 0


But they’ll know how to maneuver these ships and weapons? Only the ladders speak harder than the hangar. Medals here matter, so do statistics :rofl: but beware of the veteran Chicken Hunter that has no remorse swiping the credit card if it’s low on keys and see something fancy


It’s like InterAction’s one.




CIU hero updated version

the old one

which is better ?
  • new
  • old

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Decided To Change Xmas Spacecraft To CI4 Thanksgiving Spacecraft


space police




The ship that on icon without the egg yol.

What the heck?

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it means:
The ship that is on the icon without the egg yolk


Recruit #75’s new fleet 2121!

Ship Name: Omicron Class Light Fighter (H&C-101)


The flagship of my H&C fleet, it has an orange to yellow color scheme denoting its invaluable role as my primary key grinder due to the 18% key boost. It’s a small ship with only one satellite slot but the small size along with uncompromised firepower makes it quite formidable.

Ship Name: Psi Class Light Fighter (H&C-201)


I know that this ship is going to be among my least used, but I still wanted to give it a decent color scheme, so rose to magenta is what I chose since it’s the color that most evokes the Psychic type in the legendary and timeless late 1980’s game Pokemon.

Ship Name: Gamma Class Light Fighter (H&C-301)


A H&C better suited for battle than its predecessors due to the dual satellite slots. I gave it a light lime to neon lime color scheme since it’s a small ship that can still deal a lotta damage, even more so than the Omicron class and Psi class and gamma radiation is famous for being the catalyst for the transformation of the Incredible Hulk, one of the most iconic Superheroes of all time, along with the real-life aspect of it’s deadliness.

Ship Name: Rho Class Fighter (M400)


The smallest and lightest of the Mullers, with only 2 satellite slots, I already know that I’ll most likely overlook the Rho class fighter in favor of the Gamma class light fighter.
The only significant advantage, that being the increased mission slots has already been circumvented via additional purchases.

Ship Name: Upsilon Class Fighter (M404-Pi)


The first ship that I redesigned for 2121 and my personal favorite ship in the entire fleet! The aquamarine to blue color scheme really has grown on me, and it’s a delight seeing it in my hangar every time I prep for battle. It also has the perfect balance between firepower and survivability with four satellite slots and a hitbox small enough to squeeze through the knives of the military chicken.

Ship Class: Delta Class Fighter (M408)


This ship went through a bunch of similar color schemes, but I settled for a cyan to violet color scheme and it’s now my second favorite ship in the entire fleet. Due to the larger hitbox over the Upsilon class fighter, it is better at catching food, coins, and powerups, but also worse at avoiding enemy projectiles. I’m actually having a hard time deciding the flagship of the Muller fleet and by extension the entire fleet since Mullers are the standard spacecraft for most recruits including me.

Ship Name: Theta Class Bomber (BX-6)


The smallest and lightest of my bomber fleet along with the Sukhoi-120 Light Bomber. I gave it a lighter and less intense color scheme of orangish-yellow to neon lime to denote its lesser firepower but better survivability.

Ship Class: Epsilon Class Bomber (BX-7)


With a really heavy heart, I had to scrap the 2120 Viojet Mk.17.18 and turn it into the Epsilon class. The Epsilon class is about as balanced as bombers go with mid-level firepower compared to other bombers, as well as mid-level speed and hitbox size.I do like the front facing satellite slot, which it shares with only one other ship.

Ship Class: Alpha Class Bomber (BX-8)


Should be pretty obvious by the orange to red color scheme that this is the big brute of my bomber fleet. Large hitbox size and slow speed makes it a vulnerable target, for some odd reason, they removed the front facing satellite slot and replaced with two additional side mounted ones, which I do not like very much. The one thing the Alpha Class does have is its top of the line firepower, and man this thing can tear apart chicken waves!

Ship Class: Omega Class Bomber (BX-9)


The biggest of the bombers and the flagship of the Bomber fleet with a massive hitbox and extremely slow speed. The Omega does add back the front facing satellite slot while keeping the two new side slots but interestingly enough, it doesn’t actually posses greater firepower than the Alpha class Bomber, it does however reach that cap much faster by 8 power levels.
I gave it a light blue to the intense blue color that I love so dearly.

Well then you made it all the way here? You’re a forking beast! Anyways, May the Forks be with you!


Screenshot (962)


best ship in-game


My Spacecraft


Heres my explorer aka: Your mums cooking :fried_egg:


Woah, it’s just like Joe’s spacecraft

Who is this Joe person i ponder?


Blithering idiot /s