Post your spacecraft!

This is the best one i have ever seen so far, great job dude

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if I become rich in CIU
I will paint my spacecraft with gold and I will call it scrooch mc cluck
but of course, I will buy another one

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I’m bringing the 80s views into my fleet :kissing_heart:

It’s not completely a 1:1 replication to my current avatar, but eh… I tried my best xd


Remake time! This time, I remake this spacecraft of mine: BX-8 - Overheated Cannon
Believe it or not, ScarletCuboids, I have recently taken your opinion for granted while remaking this spacecraft, and the final result is surprisingly good! Thank you for your feedback even though it’s already 4 years old.

Introducing, [Legendary] BX-8 - Igneous Falconet [Laser Cannon Exclusive]