Post your most interesting moments in CIU

satanic bruh moment


i have arrived


wrong category, damnit

Just change it.

o right

Is it worth a topic?

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of course not

The next time, tell to InterAction to re open this topic:


mm, ok

If the Topic isnt worth for you, then why you created this topic? Also what you can put it in the chating place

y’know what, I’ll make this a worthwhile topic: Post your most interesting moments.

We are doing a Social Experiment in that planet, we will go when the event finish.


In chating place, a reply what was deleted, requested to do this event again, now days what there are more people

oh, this crowding event? what’s the social experiment exactly?

Thats we are doing now but with more people:

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oooh, just to see how many players the planet can handle? but why this one in specific?

Because is more smaller but mishelb have found more smaller planets, but we still in bellephoron

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ok lol

Actually it was chosen because it has all shops orbiting it so players that actually play can still continue to do so without leaving the “event”. I don’t know if anybody will want to move again once we find the smallest planet in CIU so probably this one will be the most orbited.


yeah, I’ve gotten to like this solar system because of that particular reason