Post your dares! (stupid lol, ENDED, NO MORE REQUESTS)

basically i will give you guys a 2 weeks time to post your dares to me

EX: “i Dare you to play with moron railgun”
i will be posting this in a video about it in CI memes v2
i will choose a random and beatable boss rush that fits for me (SO DONT EXPECT YOLK STAR, OR THAT THICC METAL EGG)
i will pick 5 (please trust me) random dares to do
(and can i ask: can i change moron to boron?)

Edit: NO MORE REQUESTS FROM NOW ON, I WILL WORK ON MY DARES NOW, ok?, I’m ensure that most of the dares here are impossible


How about you do it at a elite boss rush?
But without dying.


Defeat Brothers Reunited with any power level 2 weapon without dying.

with what weapon?

He said any weapon, it’s your choice.

I dare you to play a 99%-100% (length: at least 15 waves) difficulty mission with only h&c and moron
Don’t mount anything
use the worst equipments on your h&c

You can beat Henterprise on SSH if you want, but we were supposed to challenge you, not you choose yourself.

can i use 95%-100%

no :slight_smile:

no, it’s impossible

4x10 mission, 100%-100%, Massive and Inferno, BX-8 or H&C with no equipment.

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WDYM by that? blaster?

No extra lives, special weapons or perishables.

Mega dare: Beat a 1x10 waves and 100%-100% boss rush with no mountable, use a 101 scout with a 0 :zap: moron

what do you mean?

I meant the wave number, sorry

Beat a 1x10 boss rush with moron railgun, 100%-100%, electric and hot, and do it with non legendary bx-9 and no mountables at all.

Wow, so a mission with 225 waves? Sounds like fun stuff


My bad again, sorry

Comet chase 100% + SSH + BX9, no equipment, no satelite, no Vulcan. Extra life permitted, but count how many times you die.

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