Post your CIU biography


By this point you should have figured out that people are just trolling.


Callsign: Medo2™
Tier: 99
Favorite Spacecraft: The Black Death (Muller M408 Cuisinier)
Favorite Skill: Superstar Hero
Favorite Weapon: Positron Stream
Favorite Satellite: Bird-Flu Gun
Favorite Mission Type: Squawk Block
Favorite Idea: Sadly (Nothing)


you can have a Henterprise in your garage lmao

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callsign: GTTOP
tier: 1
favorite spacecraft: resurgent class battlecruiser
favorite skill: ironman
favorite weapon: reversing egg
favorite satellite: healing flu gun
favorite special weapon: love sign - master spark
favorite mission type: idk
favorite idea: ucho the 5th
description: wait why did i reply to medo


Callsign: Recruit #75 [EHB]
Tier: 99
Favorite Spacecraft: Muller M404-Pi Deliverer
Favorite Skill: SSH
Favorite Weapon: Positron Stream, Photon Swarm, Lightning Fryer
Favorite Satellite: Not really my stuff, I have Bird-Flu’s but don’t really use them that often.
Favorite Mission Type: Boss Rushes, Supernova

Favorite Idea: Weapon Balancing, Snowflake Flurry, [Retracted] Weapon suggestion - Close range stream (+ Pulse Cannon and Krypton Phaser redesign and rebalance) (Really wish @GgWw1175 would reupload the images or better yet, rework on them, cause they seem like awesome ideas), As for boss ideas, I don’t really care about UCO #5, the CK-01s has an awesome design.
Favorite Wave: Cloudy with a chance of Eggs, Dazzling Coordination
Favorite Boss: Henterprise (Designwise), Shoot the Core (free fp + super satisfying to destroy barriers)

Flavor text: A recruit with a rather disappointing skill level for someone who is one of the toppers of the daily challenges. He usually doesn’t care much about precision attacks and prefers to spam bullets, which ends up being his downfall due to cowards and slobs. Also is rather hesitant to use items like missiles, jets, bullet spray expanders and condensers, etc despite having a staggering 120K and more.

He has correctly warned the UHF about the introduction of the tanks wave however, and he has also suggested new winglet paintjobs for bombers, he now plans to suggest paintjobs for the bomber’s pods.

His spacecraft are named after the greek alphabet and some of them contain references to 20 and 21st century pop-culture. Primarily seen using the Upsilon Class Fighter Mk. 2021"

May the forks be with you!

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Callsign: Anh Huy
Tier: 73 (kinda doing over here -_-")
Favorite Spacecraft: Müller M408 Cuisinier
Favorite Skill: SSH, Ironman
Favorite Weapon: Hypergun, Riddler, Ion Blaster, Photon Swarm and Positron Stream
Favorite Satellite: ICBM Rocket
Favorite Mission Type: Boss Rush, Key Rush and Feather Fields
Favorite Idea: UCO #5 stuff? Uh…i don’t really care. And new type shield like CI4 and CI5

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does anyone born in the 21st century specify “21st century culture”

why are you predicting the end of the world

Tbf, this is set a 100 years from the future, so I decided to take that perspective, but yes this means that there’s a discrepancy with the mk No. of my spacecraft, but I’m just too lazy to change their names, plus it costs a whopping 75 keys for that, no thanks unless it’s a significant name change…

why you replied to me?!

your the boss
Callsign: TergelDaPro1337
Favorite Spacecraft: Any With More Satellite Storage
Favorite Skill: None i dont need skills
Favorite Weapon: Riddler And Neutron Gun And Corn Shotgun And Utensil Poker Lightning Fryer And Ion Blaster
Favorite Satellite Any
Favorite Mission Type: any expect Coment Chase
Favorite Idea: Weapon fury


You are pertaining to the Mullers

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Or BX-9

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Callsign: Stardrone
Tier: I’m tier 99!? (How I didn’t realize that?)
Favorite Spacecraft: H&C ships
Favorite Skill: SSH unprepared
Favorite Weapon: Reworked Photon swarm
Favorite Satellite: Bird flu gun
Favorite Mission Type: Invasion
Favorite Idea: WBP
Favorite Idea by me: Henlley Comet


Callsign: Ahmed577
Tier: 55
Favorite Spacecraft: M408 ship
Favorite Skill: SSH
Favorite weapon: Positron
Favorite Satellite: Bird Flu gun, ICBM
Favorite Mission Type: Boss Rush
Favorite Idea: UCO5
Favorite Idea by me: I don’t have any idea made by me.


you forgot the turkish u

Not every single person has ü on their keyboard, even fewer people memorise alt-codes.

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Callsign: xXmlgDiegoXx
Tier: 99
Favorite Spacecraft: M408 ship
Favorite Skill: SSH (To pass missions quickly for having little time: Tourist)
Favorite weapon: Reworked Positron Stream (To kill multiple enemies with 99.999999%
Reworked Neutron Gun and Reworked Utensil Poker (To make a lot of
Reworked Photon swarm (To kill enemies without moving)
Favorite Satellite: Barbecuer, Bird Flu gun and sometimes ICBM
Favorite Mission Type: Supernova, feather fields, droid raids, key rush and sometimes boss rush
Favorite Idea: i dont know lol
Favorite Idea by me: mmmmmmm so hard


Favorite special power: Mines (i love the color of the explosion and the damage)
Dimensional Phase-out (The max proteccion)
Favorite food (in the game): Super Size Me (That is so epic)


Callsign: skyguys
Tier: 70
Favorite Spacecraft: Müller M400
Favorite Skill: Superstar Hero
Favorite Weapon: Utensil Poker
Favorite Satellite: Barbecuer
Favorite Mission Type: Idk
Favorite Idea: Idk