Post your CIU biography

Not every single person has ü on their keyboard, even fewer people memorise alt-codes.

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Callsign: xXmlgDiegoXx
Tier: 99
Favorite Spacecraft: M408 ship
Favorite Skill: SSH (To pass missions quickly for having little time: Tourist)
Favorite weapon: Reworked Positron Stream (To kill multiple enemies with 99.999999%
Reworked Neutron Gun and Reworked Utensil Poker (To make a lot of
Reworked Photon swarm (To kill enemies without moving)
Favorite Satellite: Barbecuer, Bird Flu gun and sometimes ICBM
Favorite Mission Type: Supernova, feather fields, droid raids, key rush and sometimes boss rush
Favorite Idea: i dont know lol
Favorite Idea by me: mmmmmmm so hard


Favorite special power: Mines (i love the color of the explosion and the damage)
Dimensional Phase-out (The max proteccion)
Favorite food (in the game): Super Size Me (That is so epic)


Callsign: skyguys
Tier: 70
Favorite Spacecraft: Müller M400
Favorite Skill: Superstar Hero
Favorite Weapon: Utensil Poker
Favorite Satellite: Barbecuer
Favorite Mission Type: Idk
Favorite Idea: Idk