Post your Chicken Invaders artwork!


Id suggest making the chickopedia more… with the times. Futuristic.


I’d prefer if it was a bit more accurate to Vader’s actual story tbh.
Yeah, the book doesn’t really scream “22nd century”.


As fan-made it’s good. IA said we will get official chick-o-pedia from them.


Really? Why not make a topic about? So we will have a place to post them and being “creative”
(This would also help IA with the creation of the official one)


Yes, really. I learned about it when I was writing this topic: Collection of ideas liked by InterAction Studios
Here’s the link to IA post: Chicken invaders universe ideas

Well, good idea to help them. Go ahead and create one. :slight_smile:


NEW ARTWORK :star_struck::star_struck:
This is my new ARTWORK
this is a photo from new Meteorite surface


What do you think?
Is this beautiful?


It looks awesome!

Would you mind if I used this?


Yes you can use, but with the source.


Well, here’s my newest piece of work, featuring a background made by @ans1382.


What happend with Earth !


(Don’t want to nitpick, but the egg cannon shot eggs, not giant lasers.)


It’s new Egg Cannon


So it’s a Laser Cannon?


Full Size The Egg Cannon


Cool I guess but you just changed the background


Post Henterprise please


hope IA add that when Egg Canon shoot egg


There’s already one on the wiki.


981a18999d351522a6d3e8b6b3d1c377ae97c3e5_2_690x348 Revenge of Henprise with CI1 background