Post your Chicken Invaders artwork!


Well. I’m sure if in the series there was even one girl we would have much more than CI anime. But I’m not sure if I would like to see things that I’m writing about now.


Well, you can never be too careful:

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let’s turn up the heat!


Totally legit Chicken invaders episode. Chickens unleash a powerful chicken who has the control of snow and ice. The Solar system gets completely frozen and Sun gets surrounded by the huge blizzard cloud, so the hero must find a way to stop the blizzard and restore sun’s heat.


Sounds like CI5 remake.


Nope, this time there is no huge construction to cause chaos, but an actual chicken, the Solar system actually gets frozen this time, hero must find a device to restore the Sun’s heat by going to a familiar galaxy to the abandoned Egg cannon construction site to find answers. :smiley:


Now it sounds even more like CI5 remake.


Well every episode untill 5 had simular plot, chickens wanted to destroy Earth, in fifth one they block the Sun, so why not do it again but with better plot because fifth one had “meh” plot.


Actually ci1 didn’t had a plot at all and in ci2 the chickens wanted to enslave humanity
Is since ci3 that they starts to want destroy earth


So why the cluck reuse this idea for plot instead of thinking of something more fresh?


It did have a plot in the intro.


Is considered that a plot?


Because I felt like there could be something more done with freezing and winter theme. :slight_smile:
Also same could be said why does IA always reuse ideas of destroying Solar system.


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Hey again! If you haven’t been keeping up, then you may have noticed that I changed the title of this thread, as I was seeing so much fan art from you, I have decided to repurpose this thread! Anyway, that won’t stop me from still posting my own work, so enjoy this fairly recent one, starring Master Squawker!


Chicken Invaders My Version


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I am working to create fanmade chick’o pedia entries
This is the first
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