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The chickens are actually teletubbies


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The henperor is Thenos

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sigh here it goes

Authentic Hero used to have a wife, her name is Yuyuko, she loves chicken like the Hero. Sadly, she died a long time ago. Now he’s living with the narrator.


Henperor’s Apprentice is secretly darth vader from star wars


The eggs are not fucking eggs and they don’t behave like eggs. What egg yolk fucking shrinks the white into itself when it gets heated? And how is egg white pale blue with a crystalline structure? What is the Space Crab liquid? There better be good answers to all these questions I know that the plot is made intentionally silly but I’m so captivated by it nonetheless. I don’t need sleep I need answers.

There better be good answers to this iA I know where you live.


The chickens that we fight in the CI games are all biologically engineered since their eggs are capable of destroying a ship which can tank a meteor strike without any significant damage.

There’s likely a different subspecies of chicken out there, which are responsible for constructing stuff like UCO’s, The Mother Hen Ship, Henterprise, etc, since the chickens that we fight aren’t well designed for building ships due to their lack of dexterity, I mean have we actually seen a chicken in the CI series bend their wings aside from flapping?

They wear skintight transparent spacesuits to breathe.

Once upon a time, there was a star in the sky. That star was actually the Death Star and everybody died and the Death Star blew up and then everyone went and enjoyed spaghetti. Meanwhile, the chickens were busy writing an essay on how to write an essay in their houses. Little did they know, they forgot to park their tank and thus had to pay a lot of money to the parking lot collector who thus became a billionaire. Plotting their revenge, the chickens invented captcha and secretly hijacked the internet to ask for captcha leading to an eternal conflict between chickenkind and parking lot collector kind.


These chicks’n’chickens somehow yet discovered a random objects laying on the ground so they started gathering some tools and shit to build their own henpire in order to stop the hero from saving the galaxy.
Edit: However, They went into massive scaled planetary egg city to gather some information about the hero


funny but…


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How complex uco controls may be? I mean they have to both manouver that thing while redirecting every single weapon pod at you
(That’s maybe why uco needs to stop before performing attacks… too much controls to handle)


I really hope CI6 has a lot more story to it, because we’re basically writing fanfiction at this point.


I literally wrote such a long fan fiction at one point that I reached the forum topic character limits on it lol


Yeah, that probably was the only one on the forum to do it.

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