[Poll]Will profiles be useful?

For example We have 2 PCs and 3 players so every time somebody wants to play we need to change version folder to other player’s data. I think it would be useful to have at least 4 accounts on the same computer to exclude probability of accidentally copying two identical folders into different profiles backup → losing savedata. 4 users limit will be anti-spamming-with-ghost-spaceships system.

@PenguinBOI’s idea could be useful if someone have more than one profile on same PC. (He uses future vision, be careful!)

  • Profiles will be useful
  • Profiles are useless, because…
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I wasnt talking about this but… Who cares this is a good one too.
PS: I wanted to mean wingman system.

Your idea is too close anyway. If you have 2 profiles on your PC, you can use second as wingman. Your one is to use 2 ships on the same account, but it will be unfair in some way: you can get more score than usual with this method and you need to completely build 2 spacecrafts.


Makes sense

I just feel a login feature for different accounts ingame would be enough.