Discussing the future updates

Still thinking about notifications. What could it be?

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I think there ſhould be a button to mark all notifications as read.

I’m a bit disappointed that the next update won’t release any new features except the friend list
IA has spoiled us in the last patches since the ci3 bosses addition
so this update is a bit… underhelming in my opinion
(I know… is a beta and they had apple iusses)

Maybe messages by friends/squadrons members?

The new update coming after minutes!
EDIT: Its here!

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Wait, what?!
EDIT: You’re right, in “Known Bugs & New Features” topic, there is nothing for the new new version. So… Woohoo!
EDIT: And the server is down for 15 min! Yay!

Its strange that for the first time i see IA to put a new link before the EA topic(early access).

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The server is up! We just have to wait for the official topic now!

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Every time i see the latest early access topic locked or the ‘‘server’’ topic i get excited.


I asked a while ago to IA, they said there will be multiplayer but I forgot to ask them for crossplatform. They said there wont be co op in same pc.

Nearly same from my quessions

From my mail:

Our plan is to make the game compatible between all versions (our website, Steam, smartphones, etc). There wil be a ‘friends’ system, but we’re not sure yet if/how it will integrate into Steam’s friends.

I wish they make a co op in same computer, if player has 2 or more ship he can play co op i same computer. You know…

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Do you know what have you done right now?
You just recognized topic I’m writing, will include your idea there.

Uh, what?

Just wait for few seconds

One, two, threeee… Four, five, soup, diver, eleven, drei, beş, six, jack, penguin. I guess I am done here.

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Its kinda a profile system, I mean wingman system. Like if you have 2 ships. One will contolled via AWSD and other one with arrow buttons.

I’ve got it but this will be unfair in some aspects(check poll topic)

( - )Score for it?

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