Poll: Should the Absolver Beam destroy feathers when fully charged?

  • Yes, It should.
  • No, Keep it as it is.

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Note: I know this was first mentioned here: Early Access version 46 - #197 by Recruit_75 So that’s why the medal should go to the OP and not me if it is accepted by IA.


This thing destroys more than enough if you ask me.

My stance on this is pretty much the same as when I made the Absolver WBP post - give it the ability to destroy feathers, but take away its ability to break lasers and force fields.

I think it should destroy feathers and Supernova Scraps when is fully charged.

Whats next? Making delete boss sprites in fully charged?


well i would like to stay neutral for this but im gonna say no to this

Or maybe winning a mission :laughing:?

the absolver beam is terribly weak , make it destroy feathers when charge will make it slightly better


It isn’t weak or strong , its just slow and kill the enemies in one shot

we should also replace the beam with nose man’s nose

Absolver currently is completely trash, hopeless, and pathetic (as I said multiple times), I think absolver NEEDS to destroy:
-both the ufos (destroy the chicken and the UFO itself)
-supernova (the ENTIRETY of it)
-feathers (wow how is it so pathetic?)


Absolver can save you from dead ends

Absolver beams should do that because if it can destroy eggs and stop an attack from bosses, why it can’t destroy feathers?


Absolver’s balancing isn’t even done yet.

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