Poll: Mass Condensers in Space Race

Situation: It’s possible to mount multiple Mass Condensers and use them to crash into bosses, thereby saving a lot of time in Space Races.

  • Don’t change anything. The lost firepower/life is a reasonable price to pay for this ‘shortcut’.
  • Add a time penalty each time they are used.
  • Reduce their crash damage so that bosses can’t easily be killed anyway.
  • Disable them altogether.

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Or we could increase the price of them.

That wouldn’t really stop the richer players


Hmm…this is a very Hard pull

Isn’t the point of mass condensers to add complexity to the game?
You have to actively think (with knowledge of other waves) whether it is worth it to crash and lose FP.

That way, the game won’t boil down to “use one of few generic strategies and see who does it the fastest.”.

It’s not really just about thinking whether or not it’s worth it. You have to pray that you actually get back all your firepower, which can easily not happen, and it’s just luck. You can’t do much about it.

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Not reasonable if players use it on the final boss.

Players that abuse them don’t care about the key cost (and key rewards for top 10), they only care about the medals (medals are priceless).


A single Space Race doesn’t cost that much to perform. Depending on the amount of lives wasted it costs between 60 and 100 keys.

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Which is a lot more than the key reward for 1st place.

that along with some keys from the mission is usually self-sufficient

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Honestly aside from their niche use I don’t see mass condensers being useful anyways. I think they need a more complete rework rather than one of these solutions, however I don’t really see an easy way to fix them without turning them into one of the other existing items.
At it’s current state I’d just say they should be deleted as they just make space races even more luck based and otherwise serve no purpose. I mean you can cheese bosses in normal missions too, but, it’s not really that interesting of a mechanic.


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